questionsif you have cats, what kind of kitty litter do…


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The clay litter is the easiest to keep clean and I'm confident I'm leaving my cats with a clean box.

The feline pine - because it turns to saw dust, you leave soiled saw dust in there until you completely change out the litter. Seems weird to me. But it smells great and it tracks somewhat less - and is less annoying when it tracks. In general, though, cleaning is just a pain. I've heard if you get a sifting litter box that helps, but my big cat needs a huuuuge box and I haven't found a big enough one.

The ground pine seemed like the perfect compromise, but it breaks down to sawdust so quickly that the whole box is soiled w/ urine dust in a day or two and it tracks badly. Still smells much better than clay though. And the sawdust isn't so "dusty" as clay litter.

I've heard ok things about crystal litter, but my kitten swallows lots of stuff - even ear plugs. So I worry she would play with and eat them. I've also heard they track just as bad.


Tidy Cats and even though I only have 1 cat, I either get the multiple cat formula or the antibacterial (I get mine from Target as they often have a $5 gift card bonus for buying 1 or 2 large pails).

Fresh Step sucks!!! I doesn't hold urine very well and isn't good at odor killing.

I got a small Shark vacuum for the stray litter.

Try turning your litter box to face the corner. When the cat gets out, the bulk of the litter will come off in the corner of the space and less to track around.


Arm and hammer ultra last, with a covered litter box and a litter catching mat. We have 2 litter boxes, and this works very well, with minimum stinkage.


Over the last year, I've transitioned to Feline Pine and it's been awesome... now that I've learned how to deal with it.
Yes, it's a pain to clean, but I've established a routine that, while not keeping the litter as pristine as daily scooping of the clay clumping litters would, keeps me and my cats happy, healthy. & utterly stink-free. I have three cats & thus have 3 litter boxes in the house. They're all covered litter boxes, except I don't use those silly door flaps. I use liners for the boxes, & I fill the boxes with a little over an inch of the Pine stuff. I sift out the feces every evening/every other evening with a wide-spaced cat litter spatula. Every Sunday, I change out the litter. Every other week, I change out the bag.
I also bought a bunch of thick shag, small rugs at a thrift store. I tuck one in front of each of the entrances of the litter boxes. This catches anything the cats bring out of the litter boxes. I wash them one a month.
It works beautifully for me.


I use World's Best for multiple cats. On a daily basis or more if needed, I scoop what needs to be. The litter ia f airily trackless and odorless - made from wheat and it lasts a long time. It costs a bit more than some, but it lasts a long time.


Does anyone have a long haired cat? I don't seem to hear of people having tracking problems like I do, and I think it may be because the one cat has hair that is really long inbetween his little toes and he takes litter with him wherever he goes after the box. On the counter. In the bed. On the couch. Allllll over the carpet.

If it wasn't nearly $100 around here to have him groomed, I would do it regularly.

Anyways, thanks for the input. I'm still leaning toward something other than clay - I have also heard good things about World's best and maybe should give the feline pine a second look.


@meh3884: My cats don't have long hair, but two of them are Egyptian Maus, so they have reaaaaaally long paw "fingers"--which means they have huge pockets in their paws where litter traps like crazy. That's primarily why I switched to Feline Pine in the first place--the large pellets don't tuck up into their paws quite like the clumping clay litters did. They still track it some, but the thick shag rugs helps catch most of it. I used to have to vaccuum every other day (I should have done it every day, but to hells with that effort). Now I can vaccuum once a week or every other week (on account of litter, forgetting my own floor filth).

Now, the issue of them being filthy varmints who don't clean their back nails after litter box usage as well as they should and leave it up to mother goldenthorn to do? Well, that's a whooooole 'nother issue. Adorably disgusting monster fatties... sigh


I've found that Costco has the best prices on high-quality litter; I generally try to buy a 42-pound package when it's included in their monthly coupon book. I'm glad to say that my kitty isn't terribly picky, but don't tell him I told you that.


I use Swheat scoop litter. It's made of wheat! Hence the name. I've actually never used anything else, so I don't know if it's harder to clean than others, but it is often time consuming to clean, if only because I clean it maybe four times a week. It doesn't smell much at all, though.

The main reason I use it is that it's flushable, and it's the only flushable brand I don't have any trouble finding at most places I shop. It is, as a result, often much much more expensive than most other brands. It's not too hard to justify buying expensive dirt for my precious kitty, though; My litter budget is maybe $120 per year, vs. maybe $50 if I bought something else. That's hardly a dent overall, and I honestly don't know how to deal with unflushable litter. I don't throw out my trash but once every few weeks, and I'd rather not leave it just stewing in the rest of my refuse that long.


we have 4 cats. bought a cement mixing tub as a cat box, it's HUGE

feline pine type of litter, just buy the wood stove pellets instead $6/40 pounds (link is for the whole pallet, but here is the SF bay are, it is $6/bag)

cats seem to like it fine. we change out the whole box every Sunday. 40# bag lasts ~ 1 month.

PLEASE appreciate this contribution, I was at an Irish wake today and had a LOT to drink. took me longer to fix the spelling mistakes than it took to just write this in the first place!


My brother, sister, and I all independently chose Special Kitty from WalMart because it was low dusting. Bad tracking though. Last year or so I think they changed the formula because I found I didn't like it as much. Went on the search for a new litter and tried a bunch, but all were the clumping kind. Did not like any of the ones at Sams Club or Meijer. The Aldi's store brand was pretty good.

I ended up liking the Simplicity Plus brand they sell at Menards (home improvement store). Don't know if you can get it elsewhere.


I'm currently using tidy cats but I'm trying to slowly train my cats to use the toilet. If it works it will be my greatest achievement.


Arm and Hammer. I've used the Ultra and Multiple, both seem pretty much the same. The smell from the cat's business...there is no smell.


World's Best multiple cat and four litter boxes. A 14# bag costs $16 where I live, and keeps one litter box running for about a month. Scoops well, smells OK (lavender scent wears off in a few days unless you top up). Dust-free - I can actually skip a day or two dusting the furniture since I switched from clay-based litter.

I'm trialling one box right now with Tidy Cats "Pine and Corn". The TC stuff smells better - I think the "pine" component may be fine cedar shavings, from the smell. It doesn't scoop well - urine clumps fall apart. It's dusty, but not so much as clay Tidy Cats scoopable. The stuff is fairly inexpensive but I don't think I'll buy any more.

Buy a couple of cheap welcome mats from the dollar store, line them up at the exit to whatever room you keep the box(es) in.


When I had cats I used Equine Pine. It's exactly the same as Feline Pine but it's marketed toward horses so it comes in a much bigger bag for half the cost. I think it was 7.99 for a huge bag at my local feed store.
I tried a lot of litters but that one smelled the best and made the least dust and mess. I just had to make sure to completely clean it out once a week because of the sawdust.


We have a smaller Manx (orig. from Isle of Man, tailless hunters extraordinaire) and we use the Costco brand that comes in a plastic bag carrier. I immediately transfer it to a harder jug-type container that is easier to use for dispensing. Minkey (our precious) has an open litter box (read 'old bus pan') and there is always a little tracking of litter within the first couple feet, but not nearly as bad as many other brands. She only uses the box during the winter or when we are away for a few days. This winter I think I will fabricate a small enclosure for the box to help contain the tracking to a smaller area.


Thanks everyone! I have heard the suggestion of going to a feed store to get super cheap pine pellets, but here in the middle of Seattle the only "feed stores" we have are these (no offense anyone) hipster urban chicken farmer stores designed to make a killing off, well, hipsters who raise chickens in their back yards. I may need to trek north a ways and find a real one. (I come from upstate NY where there was a Tractor Supply 10 mins up the road...never thought I would miss that).

Anyways, thanks again! I think if my cats don't revolt I may try one of these wheat varieties and if it fails, I will just get used to the feline pine :)


I use Fresh Step scoop able but I need something different. My oldest cat that passed away this year was very particular and wouldnt use anything else. Im hoping the younger ones will make a switch. It doesn't keep the smell down for long and it is very dusty and tracks all over. Thanks for posting this question, Im getting some good ideas on replacement. My baby cat is nicknamed "smelly cat" because he is possibly the smelliest cat ever. Hopefully I can find a litter that can compete with him.


Tidy Cat with the blue lid/logo. I only have 1 cat myself but this is the best litter I have ever used


After trying about five different brands of litter (Special Kitty, Tidy Cats, Arm & Hammer, and one that I think got discontinued years ago) I've settled on Scoop Away for multiple cats. I have two cats and one domed litter box. I try to scoop it every other day, but it can go up to about five without being a problem. There's not much dust and it clumps really well. There is some tracking, but I have a litter mat down in front of the box that traps almost everything the cats track out. I would recommend it.


Ultra Pet Better Way Original Scoopable Cat Litter is the litter of choice around these feline parts. This just happened to be the stuff I got when The Intern came home, so it's what she's used to now. Tried pine, tried other stuff, but she wouldn't have any of those. Also second a litter mat! It helps so much!

The Intern also eats/chews stuff, so fine sand seems to be the way to go.