questionsany black friday (or other) deals yet on kindle…


I am pretty sure Staples and Best Buy are giving out a $25 gift card if you purchase the 16GB Kindle.


Staples is giving out a $20 gift card. Office Max is giving out a $25 card until noon.

Try this site and do a search.

I haven't seen any reduced prices, just gift cards.


The one you listed was the only one I found to post...sorry.


@tbgolladay: Likely because Amazon is trying to keep the brand from being devalued with a direct discount. They only provide the merchandise to the stores with the agreement of selling it at exactly MSRP.


So far that best I've seen is at $199 and you get a $30 gift card from Best Buy.

Direct link to Best Buy page.


Thanks for the info guys! Looks like I'll be checking out Best Buy.


Don't get in a big rush...wait a few days and see if something else will pop up.