questionsdrum kit for a 7 year old?


As an experienced parent, I just have to ask...

Are you out of your f*ing mind?


Electronic + Headphones. Aside from that, I got nuttin'.


I got the

"TKO 99 Junior 3 Piece Drum Set with Throne and Sticks for Kids"

for my 6-year old niece last Xmas and as far as i know she still loves it. Bought it from

Also bought some foam earlplugs for my sister. :)

Definitely look for coupon/discount codes once you choose your kit.


Long time drummer here.

At 7 years old, you'll probably want to get a reduced-sized kit. If so, I wouldn't spend much money on it. They'll either tire of playing drums or they'll outgrow it in a couple of years. Either way, this is going to be a temporary kit.

Another idea - I had a drum instructor who rented me (well, my parents) a practice kit - which essentially looks like an electronic kit but it's just practice pads, no electronics - and then, after I practiced and proved to my parents that I was serious about it, he put the money they had spent renting it towards the purchase of my first real kit. I got my first kit when I was going into high school, so my parents got me a 'real' (full-sized) drum set. Maybe you could looks for a deal like that through a local instructor/drum shop.


ouch. i would avoid that... perhaps some kind of a practice set?


One option is to get the ION Rock Band Premium Drum set, and get the optional drum module for it that turns it into "real" drums. In total, its only slightly more than a "beginner" drumset, it has multiple uses, and is a decent set of pads. No, its not on par with a set of Rolands or Yamahas, but its good enough to learn on.

Plus you have the advantage of using it with a headset. You will need an amp to play it without the headset.