questionshow will you celebrate national pickle day?


i plan to run around the halls at work yelling "PICKLE PICKLE PICKLE PICKLE!!"

or not.


Well, since this is a family forum, I will just keep it to myself.


@mkentosh: While you are awaiting your return to the land of the living (being currently still zombified), I shall regale you with the wonders of Cornichons (which I received a jar of, as part of a Wine dot Woot offering).

I now regret only buying one, instead of three. They are crunchy, and tasty, and everything a gherkin should be. I opened them, and had several, before I had even read your notice on the day. Now that I realize it's NPD, I'll have a couple more.

Have faith. The silly servers will straighten themselves out, but it does look like the type of error that takes several hours to rectify.