questionsis there a website or app that will make a loud…


Sounds like you want an alarm clock app with a snooze feature, like this one

It depends on what OS you are running (Mac, Win7,Win8, etc) and whether you want it to run on more than one device (PC, phone, tablet, etc) or a single one.


@adadavis: Actually, no. I'm looking for a timer that will buzz or ring for a few seconds, then automatically start again, so that every five minutes, without me having to do anything (like hit a snooze alarm button), I get a ring.

Also, I have a MAC at work, so it needs to be MAC-compatible. I've searched high and low and can't believe such a thing does not exist.



@curli76: If you would settle for every 15 minutes, you could use a clock that chimes the quarter hour. Or look for a Repeat Interval Timer like this one that is compatible with your system and OS version.


use 'voice recorder' that comes with each PC. (I assume mac has someting like this or better)go into a quite and play the tone and then record 5 more min of dead air. save the file and play it on your favorite audio player on loop. similar with an android phone. just use the record voice app.


If you're using a PC, couldn't you just create a system task that repeats every 5 minutes? I'm thinking you could have the task open a .wav file or something...

Edit: Sorry, just saw your post in the middle about the MAC...can't help you there, chum!


@curli76: Actually on a Mac it could be even easier than on a windows box, if you don't mind doing a little shell work. You could throw a job into cron to open your preferred file in a media player every five minutes, and close said media player a minute later. As a bash script you could do it in about three lines (or less if you're not big on verbosity). Then crontab -e is your friend for scheduling.

That said some of those simpler windows programs might work in OS X as well if you try; especially if you're using a newer (Intel) Mac. Wine is available for OS X and works pretty well for simple programs these days.