questionsdid you know black friday starts at 9pm on…


Actually Wal*Mart is having a sale that starts at 8PM on Thanksgiving. You can see their ad here. Don't ask me why it defaulted to Atlanta, GA though. I'm on the complete opposite side of the country. Just change your location to see the Black Friday (or Thursday now) ad for your store.


K-Mart also is opening at 8pm. Black Friday is now dead since the regular folks can now go and still get sleep afterwards.


I believe Black Friday is still Black Friday. The ads you are looking at are for really dark grey Thursday.


That sucks. Means more retail workers have to shorten or not have their own Thanksgiving celebrations so that they can go deal with crazed shoppers.


@tarasadies: You mean dark red, right? This is the day when retailers supposedly go from being in the red for the year to the black ink (financially).


I'll still be at home, safe and warm.


That's ridiculous. I feel for the employees. They deserve to take the day with their loved ones, just like their customers.


In Massachusetts essentially no store can open until after midnight. There are blue laws that prevent any employee from being forced to work on Thanksgiving. Most stores here open at 1 am on Black Friday.

That's not saying employees can't be strongly encouraged to volunteer to work on Thanksgiving.


My WalMart is opening at 8pm and my Target...7pm! I have a friend who manages there. He has to be in at 6pm. Completely ridiculous. He has to cut his Thanksgiving short, to go to work.....with no sleep. When he complained about it he was "reminded" that he has time to sleep before his shift. Oh really? You mean on Thanksgiving day during dinner? Are you kidding me? And I also love how they expect their employees to go from day walkers to night owls at the drop of a dime. How about treating your employees less like numbered robots and a little more human.