questionsdo you tip professional movers?


I tipped movers the last time I had professionals. However, I had a full 2 story house, the packed almost everything for me and they moved large furniture and even a car about 250 miles to a 2nd floor apartment. My husband (boyfriend at the time) helped them quite a bit and I fed them lunch both days of moving. I think I tipped them about $60 each but my memory is bad. This was also a corporate move so I wasn't paying for the actual moving expenses myself. I'd go with ~20% as a guideline. Note that I could be way off base but you can't usually go wrong with that amount if they did a good job.


As a veteran of about 15 moves in the last 22 years, I can count on one hand the number of times I've tipped the movers. You're already paying them to move you. Often, quite a lot. Now, if they go out of their way to do a proper job and take care not to damage my stuff I'll generally buy them lunch or something like that. If they use my comic book boxes as their break table or lounge chairs, they get nothing.


When moving from Italy to California, we were advised by friends that we better tip the movers with bottles of alcohol and cigarettes otherwise some of our items would not make it to the destination.

We didn't want to take a chance so they got a case of alcohol and a carton of cigarettes.


I was a "professional" mover for a few years, working for Atlas movers and cash tips were rare. Once in awhile people would provide drinks, or on bigger jobs they would buy us lunch or dinner. When I did receive a cash tip, I can't remember getting anything but a $20 bill. Seemed to be the standard tipping rate. Also, on occasion I would be pulled aside and tipped because the people we were moving didn't want to tip everyone.

Truly one of the worst jobs I ever had. Helped me get through college, but my supervisor and a few of my coworkers were brutal to work with.


I tipped the last 2 movers we used mainly because:
a: 3 story townhome walkup
b: lots of heavy stuff
c: they don't get paid jack to begin with and that's some hard work

In your case, buy them lunch (not pizza, spring for a bucket of chicken)

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We had good luck with renting a U-Haul and using their 'Moving Help' to find some really good movers - We had family help load it one evening and hired some highly recommended guys to come over and help unload at a time when we couldn't get much help unloading and I had a slipped disc.

They were not insured so we also used "professional" movers for our bigger items. I did end up doing some tipping but the "professionals" were not the most professional and even though they did more - they got tipped less because they didn't work as hard. They also said that if we wrote the tip into the credit card bill that their boss would keep it, so I won't hire them again and you may want to keep that in mind and tip cash and/or with a meal.


Eeek - just sent a lengthy reply that disappeared. No mor iPad replies because iI have more trouble than it is worth. But here goes again anyway. When involved in a long distance move with packers, I do tip packers if they have done a fantastic job. Myl last driver was the owner of his rig even tho it bore the name of the national vanline. He was unreachable for three weeks and late on delivery, albeit by only a day. Even so, due to the long carry, I did give him $40 which I would not do again. The shipment must be paid before before they even bring it in. I found that one box was totally missing, called his cell number immediately and several times thereafter, and I have not heard from him since. Therefore, I have to go through a claim process with the national company for whom he is,an agent. So, long story short, on a long distance move if the driver owns the rig I would not tip again. Packers yes.


I think I would, because I can empathize with how crummy moving is. If they went out of their way to do an incredible job, I'd give a good tip. At the bear minimum, I'd offer each of the movers a beer or a soda or something.

I know I'm paying them for their service, but even if it weren't a big move, it's something I can't physically do (serious knee issues) so I'd be particularly appreciative that someone is doing that for me, despite paying them.

Of course, if it's a really expensive rate, I'll be less inclined to tip, but nonetheless.


I hired movers once. I did not give them a cash tip, but did supply drinks and snacks. At least I did until they started being destructive with my furniture. {oops. It doesn't fit through the door that way. hehe...} If I had had more time, I would have fired them on the spot, but due to time constraints I didn't. By the end of it, they were lucky I didn't file with their insurance for the stuff they destroyed.


My dad runs a global moving company and he recommends that a generous tip is about 20 dollars a mover. However, a more proper way would to buy or offer to pay for their lunches. Which probably will end up cheaper in the long run... unless you take them to Ruth Chris or something.

Also if you are moving on a Sunday, I recommend tipping well... Some movers tend to be not too happy about working on Sundays.


dont accidentally tip them twice!


@pyxientx: I guess you supplied the wrong kind of drinks, or supplied them too early anyway.

I look at it in the respect that the moving company gets the big fees, the dudes schlepping your stuff get a pittance.

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Put me down for a "yes" vote. $20 cash.


I live in the desert, so I generally offer drinks (sodas or bottled water) to anyone who does any kind of work for me, inside or outside the house. When I had contractors at my house for a couple of weeks building my screen room and deck, I bought a 24 pack of bottled water and two 12 packs of soda and put them where they were stacking their materials. I told them those were for them, if they wanted to bring a cooler for them they were welcome since I didn't have one, and that when they ran out to let me know and I would get more. I got a sack full of $1 burritos at a nearby mom and pop shop for them on my way home for lunch every day. I had my friend stay there at the house with them while they worked, and he helped them out if they needed an extra pair of hands. They were friendly and happy and, of major importance, were careful about looking out for my dog, making sure gates and doors were kept shut and no dangerous materials were left out.


In this arena I use it as a reward for good service unlike eating out where it has become an obligation Last time we moved we had 2 guys for 2 days the first day there were 2 guys and one was great and and the other guy was lazy and even sleeping in the van all afternoon

I pulled the guy aside and asked what I could do to help him out to he said calling the boss would help because they basically had to compete for jobs everyday.

I did that but I also decided later thinking about it despite the feedback and lunch that I wanted to reward him more so I gave him 20 bucks. He broke down and started crying turns out his wife was in the hospital having a baby and he had to work because of the money so every little bit count as a big help.

Needless to say I was happy to give him the 20 bucks and I bought lunch on the 2nd day. The other guy didn’t get squat and thank goodness did not come back the next day.


No. You are already paying them a LOT of money to show up and go through all your stuff. They are still human beings, though. So, I think meal(s), food, drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, pron, and/or tomacco could all be appropriate.


Since there is an elevator available and nothing "heavy" I think a $20 bill would be appropriate, maybe coupled with cold drinks available at your expense. Although judging by what I read above, I would base it on performance. Good luck with your move!


I did because i was moving a 2 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor with no elevator and it was 95 degrees out that day. They moved all the furniture, several antiques and about 20 heavy boxes without any damage and they were very friendly. I thought they did a great job so I tipped them $50. They made my moving experience pleasant.


We moved most of a second level /two bedroom apartment, and then at a later date the rest plus two storage units with a local company. We tipped $20 cash each mover the first time, and $30 the second. The second movers had to deal with the dead spiders and epic amounts of cobwebs. Both times they were done before the estimated time by a good 30 minutes, and since we were paying by the hour we still came out ahead after tipping.


No never tip a mover. because they charge too much in advance. but everyone need to hire a reliable moving company for reliable moving company click here


I had a great experience with and tipped them $20 each. They hire local college students.