questionswhere is the best place to buy a refurb desktop?


My mother got a cheapo HP refurb from woot. It had to be sent back for warranty days after getting it, but has worked fine since. I got an expensive HP refurb from woot and it has worked great.
Woot seems to be a decent place to buy refurb desktops, but make sure you put them through their paces during the warranty period just in case you get a lemon.

Edit: looks like all the good ones are sold out from this sale:, but they'll always be more.


I used to get my consumer electronics from, but their shipping got ridiculous so I dropped them. I haven't been back there in a while but it might be worth a look. Now when I want a computer I do a few days of comparison shopping across a wide variety of sites before selecting what I want.


Moofi has come through for me. When I had to replace my daughter's desktop, they had a very inexpensive one that has lasted two years now without any issues.


I've bought 3 now from woot/moofi and all were great prices and no issues yet (one crashed and had to be restored with a backup but I'm pretty sure it was a software issue because there haven't been any issues since then). They're all being used as office computers - so no gaming or intense graphics.


BlairTG has sponsored deals here on deals, I bought a Core 2 Duo HP on there with Win7 for 90 bucks.


Depending on your location, I've bought from Microcenter numerous times- for our house and relatives as well. Also note that shipping's not an issue since I'm about 5 miles away and prefer to pick up.
Never had a problem of any kind.


For refurbished your best bet is go directly to the manufacture. I got a $5,000.00 Dell Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop for $826.00 from Dell Financial Services they have an outlet on e-bay. The computer came in like new condition. Best deal I ever made.


If only there were a deal-a-day site that frequently featured refurbished computers at discount prices, and with cheap shipping...