questionsanybody recording big bang theory tonight? i…


I was taping it tonight but to videotape.... I'll definitely be on the lookout for woot sightings, though.

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How far into the episode is it? I can get you a screenshot in...around 7 minutes. 6 now.


Watching it now, but wont be able to post pics. Will confirm though


Great picture rprebel, my cell phone shot on a standard TV hardly shows the logo so no reason to share mine.


@rprebel: Thanks! I knew my fellow wooters would come to my aide!


@baillard: Thx. That's actually the SD version. HD would've taken longer to get, so if anyone wants a clearer picture than what I posted, get the 550MB HD version at


Not sure why he was downvoted. It's broadcast television. I don't have an HDTV, but I do have a 1080p monitor. I don't want to watch a 4:3 version of a show that is filmed in 16:9. I download everything.

As for the Q, that's pretty cool. I wonder who placed it there... Free advertising or does Chuck Lorre like woot?


ok so the real questions is what was in the box?

My guess Nap-N-Go Nap Roll


Wow, good eye! I watched it last night and didn't notice it.


I think @gwendyw deserves a Black Triangle just for finding this. Who's with me on petitioning @Jumbowoot?


Crap. I missed watching it last night. Well time to go on and stream it.


Will be watching for it tonight.
I hold the good shows for the weekend when the GF is over.


People watch The Big Bang Theory?


I think this was in Bernadette's apartment. The fact that she shops at Woot makes her even hotter.


That so cool. A Shout out to our secret society! Its like I'm in a secret club with thousands and thousands of other people.


My wife noticed it last night before I did. We got a good laugh. Secretly I thought of pausing it, taking a picture with my phone and posting it.

My wife wouldn't have understood why I took a picture of it, so I didn't.


it's all over the interwebs. Look for a bittorrent of the 720p version. That's all I can say or this post will be deleted.