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And just because....

::Angry comment about how much you hate the individualized drawing system during this event::
::Still sends email and sits next to computer hoping to be the winning entry::



You're making me do this with you, right? :) Thanks again!


@studerc: what kind of system would you like to see for giveaways? Or are you just aching for the server-killing free-for-all of buying a legit BOC?


I figure either one is harder then heck to get. It is more fun (in my opinion) to imagine pounding the buy it button a million times.


@agingdragqueen: Personally I would like to see the BOC as some sort of a reward system. While I can't speak for everyone I have a feeling that many people both on the deals.woot forums as well as the regular forums are feeling a bit un-noticed. Many of us are here each and every day comment, researching, and overall maintaining the community but when it comes to BOC we are sorta let down. Yes I know its a business and all, but now with so many customers I guess I would just rather see active members posting about their positive experiences, rather than a bunch of random people commenting about how they are pissed off about the system.

Constantly all I see on forum threads/facebook during woot-offs are disappointed, angry, and whiny comments about how people deserve this and that woot is terrible....why are you supporting those people with this prize. Instead why not support the users that are going to be here regardless of getting a BOC or not....cont.


@agingdragqueen Cont.. Months ago when you were asking around for ideas for the BOC I had mentioned a wide variety of them and I've actually seen most of them be put into motion...just not in the way I had expected. For example, the Pieces of Woot system in my opinion seems silly. I mean, 1 person, 1 person is going to win something in a completely random drawing..that's it? No offense, but with this system it seems that you are making about 10 people happy...and then just making everyone else pissed off. At least with having the BOC on the webpage during a woot-off rewarded people that are at their computer screen waiting and following the woot-off. However, offering links on facebook/twitter to BOC's on the main page, sort like during the Bag to school sale was much more to my liking. While I didn't get one I was close to my computer and missed them usually by minutes.




I suppose all in all what I'm really trying to say is actually quite simple.

I (like many of your other loyal wooters) am on these forums and pages everyday (ok, well almost) working to develop a community, posting deals, making comments, and having fun with the staff. But when it comes to the most elusive and sought after Woot item, we are down graded back to average customer.

If anything, let us have our fighting chance back, and don't just leave it up to a random number generator.

And if possible, why not reward the people that are here and will love you no matter what. At least we will be here to talk to you about the glory and excitement. It will build a better community, one of happy loyal wooters and will push other wooters to want to participate in the community more. Bring back some lively competition and most importantly, FIND THE DEALS!

::steps off soap box::

Love, your ever loyal wootizen



@agingdragqueen Sorry about the bombardment but I had a lot on my mind about this issue since returning to the site.

Out of curiousity, did you see my comment on facebook about rewarding people that had managed to send an email for each drawing?? That's the kinda stuff I'm talking about. Even though I might not win, at least my perseverance might see some sort of mini reward. Plus I would say super nice things (well I would say them regardless)..but I WOULD be more apt to talk even more with a bit of reward for my efforts.

But let me also be clear that I wouldn't expect this to happen during this event. Part of the BOC system is supposed to be the random and surprising part and not an expectation from a guy that doesn't even work there. I'm just here to throw in my two cents, I just hope that maybe my two cents will be able to purchase something of worth :)




@jsimsace: I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not. I certainly hope not because otherwise I will have a sad.


@studerc: No sarcasm. You said what is on a lot of wootizens' minds, and said it eloquently. I was serious with the applause. :)