questionsdo you believe in "bad luck"?


No. "Fortune favors the prepared mind." (Pasteur). In other words, for the most part you make your own luck.


The ideas of Karma and the Three-fold Law are pretty darned attractive.


No...I think Andrew Luck is a pretty good QB. Last season's "Suck for Luck" sure ended up being good for the Colts.


I do believe we create most of our own "luck" if you will. And while I wouldn't say I believe in luck per se aren't there things that happen that are totally beyond one's control that are very fortuitous?

The easiest example being a winning lottery ticket. Sure a person has to take the action of getting the ticket but everybody else who bought a ticket took that step. Ultimately either your numbers match or they don't. You can't will it. There's no "system" (yes, we could argue about that one). It's "luck" innit? But there's hitting that deer in thee road..or not. Or not getting on that plane, you know the one, the one that crashed.

Or perhaps the lucky moniker really sticks to those who experience it a lot - good or bad. The multiple lottery winners, etc.

Like I said, I don't buy luck myself, but I s'pose I understand why some people do.


Luck, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy....of course :)


No, I do not.

However, having said that, I do know a few people that seem to be bad luck magnets. Maybe if I stay away from them they collect all the bad stuff.


I don't believe in bad luck.

What I do believe in is patterns of unfortunate circumstances that we mentally string together that supercedes anything positive. At times I believe we create our own unfortunate circumstances by expecting something bad to happen. Of course this is all in our minds because we are inherently negative people. How often do you hear someone say, "I have the funniest feeling something GOOD is about to happen?"


not really, as I'm a fairly positive person overall but I have seen good fortune fall on certain people more often than others. Plus, this particular year has been kickin' my a$$ & I've wondered at times what is gonna happen next. so maybe I do even if I think I don't.


ok. you made me come out of my self imposed no deals.woot status.
what happened? i know a lot of the stuff going on in your world. hope things get better.
oh, and if i don't see you between now and then: merry christmas.


Yes. I do. Random circumstances affect people in positive and negative ways all the time.

However; you cannot see good opportunities if your head is stuck in negative thought patterns. You'll only see the bad, make bad decisions, stub your toe, and be late everywhere. A change to a positive mindset means you are equipped and ready to see and pounce on good opportunities that are around you.


I don't believe in luck; I prefer to call it destiny. Nothing you can do will change either one.


@moosezilla: I'll get on chat and fill you in. Just stupid stuff that we had no control over. Thanks for the cares, and everyone's input.