questionsdo you have enough bandwidth?


You did not mention speeds. Once you go up it is hard to go back. I had 12mb that benched 12.5 with cable and went with 7mb DSL that benches on 5-6. It was terrible. I still am getting used to it when I need to download a gb+ file or 2.
If you are happy do not upgrade for the extra money. Their job is to get you to upgrade. Example: My relative has an old PC and had slow PC issues when he called his ISP they upgraded him from 7mb to 12mb which did not solve his problems on his 10+ year old PC.


I just moved from a place where I had Uverse (not bad) to a neighborhood that had been upgraded to DOCSIS 3 cable technology. I decided that I would give the 50 Mbps service a try, even though it was kind of pricy. I am really getting my 50 Mbps, and I really like it. My fiancee was saying it was excessive. Until she tried it.

Short answer: yes I've not enough. But more is always better: you can't be too rich, have too much vacation, or have too much bandwidth.

Can't you try out the higher speeds and see if like it? Most cable companies will give you a 30 day trial and if you don't like it they will turn it off without penalty.


I have no idea how fast it is but I have been trying FreedomPop's 4G service. It is quite a bit faster than my old dial-up but I only get 2G of data a month which really doesn't go very far. Also, I did not have any service at all most of Tuesday, I guess because of the storm. Since I was trying to work from my apartment that day, I was most annoyed. If it isn't going to be up on those days that they tell you to stay home then it isn't really very helpful. I was wishing mightily for my dial-up then....

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If you don't have a problem with the speeds you're getting now, don't worry about it. They're just trying to upsell you to a plan you don't need.


Depends on the company. How much Netflix do you watch? A lot of cable plans have usage caps in addition to speed limits. With Charter, the lower packages get 150GB and the upper packages get 250GB and more.

I'm not on the minimum plan, but I only picked a higher plan to get the 250GB cap. I stream a lot of netflix in HD, and it can really add up. Though the added speed is really nice, most web sites cap your speed anyway (for software downloads and Windows Updates), so the extra bandwidth is more for doing multiple things simultaneously.

I am on an 18Mbps plan, but I can easily get close to 30Mbps on a speed test. If you have at least a 2-3Mbps plan, you can do almost anything that's out there these days (at least on one device at a time).


That is like asking: Do you have enough chocolate?

More bandwidth is always more enjoyable. The question is, do you have the money to spend on said convenience.


If you don't think you need it, you don't. You tell your vendors what you need/want, not the other way around.

I currently have a 100Mbps down/10Mbps up at my house. I don't know if I could ever move and work with something slower.

Do I need that much? Hell no. The average user only "needs" 2-3Mbps download. If you have netflix, I recommend 7Mbps or more download to help with buffering. Once you get too high, you're going to be waiting on the servers your accessing, so there will still be a bottleneck.


I only use about 1/4 of my allotted bandwidth but the good thing is that as far as I know my ISP doesn't really bug you about if you go over until it gets super excessive.


I have a 6 Mbps connection, and Netflix works great, much better than it used to on my old 3 Mbps connection. But that said, I feel like 6 Mbps is plenty for me. If you share your connection with family members that are all trying to stream video at once, that would be a different story. Now my parents are still on a 1.5 Mbps connection. That's fine for what they do, but streaming is painful. Only think more painful is convincing my dad to spend a few bucks extra for a faster connection!


Time Warner is sticking it to me. They were pushing hard for the tiered structure and insisting I needed more bandwidth. I was running 10 devices, including 3 streaming video units in my house with no problem. They must have had a hard time convincing people they needed more bandwidth because they just jacked my bill up by 25% and notified me they will be charging $4 a month for modem rental now. Bastards......


Yep... Got plenty with a 7Mbps DSL line...
I do fondly remember the first download I did after converting from Dial-up to Broadband... It was a 2MB Virus Definition update that would normally take 10 to 12 minutes... I started the download and started to leave the room to get a sandwich but had to turn back to get my glass for some water... The Download was just finishing!!! I forgot all about the sandwich and glass of water and started to roam the web and download files... It was a few hours later that my growling stomach sent me to the fridge....
Yes, I have plenty of connection speed but I could always find a way to use more if the cost isn't to much.... Where is My FIOS....


@mikecris: That is why I bought a modem. I got a used one for $30 on Amazon. So far, it has lasted me 3 years, with no problems. Even at the old price, I still saved money.

If you don't think you need more bandwidth, stick with what you have.


I already have the fastest noncommercial plan my cable company offers. When I initially signed up with them the plan was only 5 Mbps. since then it has risen bit by bit to about 11 Mbps. I hope it keeps getting faster.

I need more harddrives.


I get 1 MBPS down and .25 MBPS up. It's tolerable, but it"s the best available here.

EDIT: I could use more.....


I live in the country, so far out that cell service is spotty.
My land line is prone to line noise, and if it rains, it gets worse.
There are no cable companies here, not even TV off an antenna. Dish Satellite brings the news.

DSL is my only choice, and AT&T has convinced my state regulatory board that they need protection from all the upstarts wanting to provide service to me. Thus they control the equipment, demand an extra toll and define the service levels.

So, 10,000 ft from my DSLAM, I am capped at 1.5Mb/S down, 256kb/S up. And that includes a 60-300 ms latency with bad S/N ratios.

So no, I am not happy. I need more bandwidth and better connection with lower latency. I won't get it in the foreseeable future.


@craigster38: Yeah, I'm gonna buy a used one on Ebay. Will pay for itself in less than a year.