questionsare you and woot ready for a seperation?


Yeah. It isn't the same anymore. I used to spread the word to others about this site. I don't bother anymore. I don't play the wootoff song either.


It is amazon. They killed woot.


considering it. I too used to tell others about woot. I only checked on this last wootoff 4-5 times in all, and I no longer have any interest in the leaderboard. I liked the smaller, underground feel of the woot of a year or three ago...


By the way, there's A RAT in "separate" as in "sep-a-rat-e." At least that's how I remember to spell it.


@cengland0: There IS a 'rat' there - just look. However there is also a misspelling: it is 'separate' not 'seperate'. Best be careful of whose grammar you are correcting; I got downvoted big-time recently for the same thing:


@urcolonelchaos: Amazon didn't kill Woot. The former Woot owners who sold out to Amazon did that. And Woot was already changing for the worse before they sold out.


@zippy the pinhead: Wow, you did get downvoted for that didn't you.

Regarding the "rat" being there, that's true but I'm saying that there's "a rat" in separate. I'm not sure why people want to downvote it so much as I thought it was educational and a good way to remember how to spell that word. It's a commonly misspelled word and someone gave me that as a reminder on how to spell it correctly and it has worked well for me.

Thought I'd share but it seems people are too sensitive here and do not want to learn. Oh well, I've learned something and that is not to attempt to help others unless they ask specifically for the help.


It is like amazon is ketchup. Good for many many things.
Woot is like chocolate syrup.

Stop putting ketchup on my ice cream amazon! When I want a burger and fries I will call.


@zippy the pinhead, @cengland0: u be so disraspectful wit ur commants! mayb u shud go back and lern 2 spell grammer! cuz u got it wrong! LOL moran

^ that's how I picture the people who downvote users for correcting spelling and grammar.


@caffeine_dude: Well played. I award you 2 internet points, redeemable where ever internrt points are good.


I've seen threads like this one before, but this is the first time I've learned about the rat. I'm glad I looked.

As for the woot question, I'm the same way. I used to tell everyone about it. Now, I just come over to deals.woot to find the good stuff. Amazon offers a great service so I can't fault them, but there's nothing exciting about woot anymore. I don't know if I even looked at this last woot-off...


By all accounts, the people who sold Woot to Amazon thought Amazon would stay more hands-off than they actually did. Of course, through benefit of hindsight we know that didn't happen, and within a few years we had Anvil shirts, iron-fisted moderation, neutered BOCs, and most of the core creative team is gone including the founders. There's a pretty good article on all this here:

We all know what happened. But I'll never, ever understand WHY. Amazon could have created a daily deal site from scratch (it's not like plenty of others haven't tried). That would have been cheaper, faster, and not alienated the community. Why buy Woot if you intend on getting rid of everything that makes it Woot? WHY?


Previously I would fire up a tracker and really pay attention. Now-a-days (for longer than I care to remember), I just look through the 'discussions' to see what was offered.

This has been especially true ever since the bocs went away.

The only thing remotely interesting to me that popped up over the last 2 days was the 16" USB monitor. It was a refurb for $84 shipped. Amazon has the same monitor NEW for $99. The time I saved not watching the wootoff is worth more than the $15 I would have saved.


@cengland0: Good mnemonic! The problem I have with spelling that word is that it's "par" not "per." Maybe I need to remember use "par" as my own clue.

Re: The original topic, I rather like the points being made that Amazon is a good company, despite what has happened with Woot. Like most of you, I am sadly disappointed in the changes around here, but I still plan to do business with Amazon on their regular site. I just wish that SOMEONE in charge would realize what a treasure they have with Woot's business model and unique (but frequently emulated) style, and would bring back the old Woot as much as possible.

I also want someone to bring back my old MTV!


Woot used to be a fun little place to check out everyday for me. It was fun to just look as see what was for sale. Now not so much. I have also stopped telling people about the site, because what makes it any different than all the other online stores? Not much, nowadays. And it's just adding insult to injury to see the new management pointedly ignore all the feedback from their customers.

Even after the changes, I loved the community. Minimal trolling, discussions that were sometimes serious, sometimes silly. I loved our community BOCs, although we only did a few of those exchanges. But now everyone in the community is are starting to drift off-myself included. It doesn't seem as if there's any going back to where things were.


I love Taco Cabana. But I wouldn't want them to buy the popular family owned mini-chain that makes these enormous burritos here in town and start running it like Taco Cabana Jr. It is possible to like more than one kind of business model, and to mourn one when it is subsumed by the other.

@cengland0: I'll try to remember that, it's the word I most often spell incorrectly. If you ignore my chronic semicolon-instead-of-apostrophe issue, which is a typing problem, not a spelling problem.


It's not as good as it was but it's still a good place to get decent deals and get good info.

For Amazon it will be a win.
For users who don't know how it was it will be a win.
For me? Compared to other sites it's still a win; maybe a Bronze or Silver medal instead of a Gold.


@belyndag: Spelling "separate" wrong again would be "par" for the course. That seems memorable. Some of the mnemonics that people have told me that helped: there's an "end" to "friend" (sad), "to assume makes an ass of you and me" (funny), there's a "lie" in "believe" (ironic).


i've been ready. My buying habits have dropped significantly (not in general, just on woot) and I often find myself shopping elsewhere. I used to average several purchases a month, and so far i've done exactly 2 in all of 2013 (one tshirt, and one something my wife really wanted)

I expect i'll be pulling further and further away as the deals become more generic.


@moondrake: I like your list of helpful spelling tips. Do you have one for the words stationary and stationery? They are both spelled correctly but end in ary or ery depending on the definition. One is for paper and the other is for a fixed location.


@goatcrapp: I just checked my purchase history and see that I've bought about a dozen things from Woot in 2013, but that was because I added small things to my cart once I triggered free shipping, mostly during Wootoffs. Even so, other than refilling my stash of Fleur de Sel Salted Chocolate Caramels I haven't bought anything since February.

As several people have mentioned, the prices just don't seem to be as good as they used to be. Rarely does something jump out at me with an OMGIHAVETOHAVETHATWHATABARGAIN price like they used to.


I just always wonder why people think when they sell their company to a bigger company, they think it will stay the same and it will run like they did it. Nothing stays the same, especially when you give up control. Amazon did not buy woot! to keep it as a fun little web site that only a few people knew about, They did exactly what I would have expected any major company to do when they bought woot!, they took the data, crunched the numbers and saw a web site that had a nice little niche on the internet and they grew it and expanded it. Ask yourself this, do think the former woot! could have grown this way under the old ownership? They may have had all of these ideas, but they needed the capital and other resources to get them there. Amazon was the answer and they are not going anywhere, Like many others I'm not the same wooter I was a few years ago, I think I spent 5 mins looking in at this past woot!-off . I'm not a faithful follower and don't think I ever will be again,


@cengland0: That's not one I have ever had trouble with. I googled for a mnemonic and didn't find any great ones, but here's one that might help:
"If you have trouble remembering which is which, a mnemonic can help. You could picture a stationary car or van and think of the ā€˜aā€™ common to those words, or think of the ā€˜eā€™s common to stationery and letter or envelope." Wordpress

Sometimes even people who really ought to get it right get it wrong.

I will never forget the Continuing Education Schedule sent out by the local college titled in two inch font "PROFFESSIONAL AND CONTINUING EDUCATION". I sent the president of the college an email asking how the school could be trusted to teach at a professional level when they couldn't spell it. She did not reply.


@moondrake: Ha, I love that photo example of using the wrong version of stationary/ery. Perhaps they meant that the paper wasn't going anywhere. hehe.


@cengland0: Stationary comes before stationery alphabetically because you have to be stationary (i.e., seated) to use stationery!


@mkentosh: On the most part, Amazon left Zappos alone when they were bought out, which was wise; Amazon's own didn't come anywhere close to Zappos' numbers or market share. It was believed that a similar approach and relationship would continue with Woot. Alas, that wasn't the case ...

Endless has since been dismantled and its CEO is at the helm here at Woot now. As for growing - no, the one-day-one-deal couldn't be forever, but that doesn't mean the site needed to be "cluttered" with hundreds of not-so-great-deals either.

BTW, your 5 minutes spent on the Woot-off was 4 more minutes than what I spent.


@starblind: If you really mean it when you say "creative" then you should know: those of us in the creative department are still pretty much where we always were. Jason Toon and Matthew haven't gone anywhere and I was the next hire right after them (well before the buyout) plus we've got a great team of writers in the room with us as well. We'll naturally miss seeing Dave every day and most of the guys who left were and are my friends, but please be aware that the people who came up with a good many of the creative ideas are still here, and still trying to entertain you. I'm sorry if you feel we've fallen short of that goal, know we'll try to keep doing better.

But if you just meant you miss seeing cheap USB aquariums then that was never my department. It depends on what your thinking of by the word creative, really.


People who are angry and want to leave don't make a thread about it, they just leave. So no, nobody derping around the deals.woot questions really wants to leave.

And the show goes on.


Long ago when I worked for a large corporation, a new CEO was brought in to build a new Headquarters building. That was his goal. Had to obtain stockholders agreement. Done. The next CEO was hired to streamline and bring the very old, rather backward thinking corporation up-to-date. Done.

Am now wondering if woot's CEO was brought in to assimilate this company into the mother ship and make it unrecognizable. Yet, IMO, WootZon seems pointless. Now wondering if the intent is 'Endless?'

Whatever happens, it's crystal clear that the woot I enjoyed is forever gone. Sad that. RIP, one way or the other.


I used to buy 2 or 3 things every woot-off. Then they started coming too often, which took some buzz off the novelty (and made the habit unsustainable). Since the change to $5/item shipping, I haven't even paid much attention. The repetition of items is also disheartening. Come on, Woot, just create a and get it over with. I'm not interested in their overpriced and overhyped garbage anyway.


@narfcake Excellent, informative post! Thank you.

@slydon I don't believe for a second that any of the comments about 'the staff that left' are meant to imply that all the creative/competent staff is gone. Do think that many, like myself, had a sudden gasping, knee-jerk reaction. We do know you're there. And appreciate that. Especially enjoy your presence here.


@belyndag: agreed - although for me it wasn't always the prices. A few years ago, it was almost all impulse buys because the price was right (not necessarily the best, but certainly competitive) - but ALSO - because it was often something unique, that i didn't know i needed until i saw it lol.

Also - i was mistaken. i did purchase an additional woot item - a rain barrel for my mother. I don't think anyone is ready to make a clean break, but woot is certainly becoming more forgettable. It's not on my 1AM "must check" list anymore - and that actually makes me sad.


Yeah, woot! used to be like a private joke shared with friends. One deal, one day. No more.
I monitor woot! these days with - it lists everything (except items on, otherwise I'd spend too much time jumping from page to page.
There are currently (2013/05/23 noon CST) NINE woot!, shirt!, tech!, home!, kids!, sport!, wine!, sellout!, and tools! woots being offered.
There's shirt.woot reckoning, it seems like every t-shirt (and more) woot! has ever printed is there.
Moofi woot currently list THIRTEEN separate deals or sets of deals.
Woot! plus deals now add up to FIFTY SIX (two hours ago there were 61!) sets of deals.
And these deals aren't just for ONE day, but several days (or until sold out).
Finally is like another whole woot! page in itself with hundreds of items.
The one-deal-a-day woot! I started enjoying 8+ years ago has become a rambling collection of related and linked web pages clamoring for my attention and dollars. Oy!


I still enjoy Woot even though it isn't as good as it used to be. I still feel like the questions forum is a pretty good community.


looks like i picked the wrong day to quit sniffin glue


couldnt agree more. i never post deals, but i've been buying stuff from woot for years. the atmosphere isn't as fun as it use to be. and you're right, it use to be a cool place to see cool/stupid/funny deals but it feels like Woot put on their big boy pants and dont know how to be fun anymore.


I intentionally stopped posting deals because of the changes. I peek in here from time to time, but I'm not nearly as engaged anymore.

Speaking of which, I'd welcome tips on other sites like deals.woot. I might start hanging at Slickdeals more often.


I use slickdeals a lot now and check it regularly unlike woot. One handy tool is the wootalyzer. it has a feature where you can quickly scroll through daily deals from about 20-30 sites. Slickdeals isn't as fun, but it is usually ahead of