questionsis anyone going through superhero movie fatigue?


Nope. I love them. There are those in which I am less interested. I generally like Marvel better as I find the characters more "human" than DC, with Batman being the longstanding exception. But I love the genre so I am not going to get tired of the genre as a whole. I can't think of any film genre I enjoy that I'd like to see less of. Better, but never less.

PS: I don't count Star Trek as a superhero movie. But I enjoy Sci-Fi just as much and everything I said above goes for Sci-Fi as well.


Not me, I am a comic nerd. Keep 'em coming!


Nope. Bring them on. They've been the most constant source for a decent movie lately. I'm not a hipster, I watch mainstream movies in english. These big companies have the budget to deliver what I'm looking for. A fun and relaxing way to get away from life for a bit. I grew up with many of these characters and, though they often don't match the comics, I find them entertaining.


Was going to say I'm not a HUGE fan but then I noticed that I have a Spiderman band-aid on my finger today.


@nmchapma: Have you seen Pacific Rim? My favorite movie so far this year. Sounds like something you would like, too.


@nmchapma: Huh, 2nd try. Have you seen Pacific Rim? It's my favorite movie so far this year. I feel like del Toro made it just for me. Sounds like you would like it, too.


@nmchapma: Okay, woot, 3rd try should be the charm. Have you seen Pacific Rim? It's my favorite movie so far this year. I feel like del Toro made it just for me. Sounds like you would like it, too.


The recent glut of superhero movies has definitely gotten me more interested in comic mythology, but I do have my limit and I'd like to see greater variety in the "summer blockbuster" action/adventure film lineup.

I also wouldn't consider Star Trek a superhero movie.


I seem to be pretty popular in this thread :-)

@Moondrake: no, I haven't seen it yet. I'm waiting on my wife to get back into town to go see it in Imax. Glad to hear it wasn't bad.

While Star Trek shouldn't have been a super hero movie it kinda was :-/ I liked the movie, but it's not the star trek I love :-)


Never! Love my super heroes, and these are movies my kids don't mind seeing with me! (Of course, I can't actually SIT with them in the theater!)


I'd enjoy superhero movies a whole lot more if they'd stop trying to tell & retell the origin story every damn time. Look at Green Lantern: a whole hour or more before the origin material was out of the way and the 'real' movie began. The result was that the real story felt rushed and the movie overall felt slow and boring. If you must explain the origin just use a Star Wars style text opening or something. Or better yet, just face facts that people who don't know that Peter Parker was bitten by a spider probably aren't lining up to see Spider-Man Part XVIII.


Ultron in Avengers 2?
As a giant comic book nerd - I am not fatigued, I am excited.


Not yet, I love comic book and Sci-Fi films. However, I do tired of mediocre sequels. There's no reason why the quality of the script and the overall movie has to decline from the freshman film.


@mattysc: The reason the freshman movies are often better than the sequels is that they have the advantage of introducing something new - characters, powers, the universe, etc. After that, the sequels don't have that "crutch" and have to rely real movie making and story telling, i.e. dialogue, character development, and plot.


I'm definitely getting there. I still enjoy many of these movies, but you can have too much of a good thing, and I think that point is rapidly approaching.

That said, I'm nerdy for a lot of things but comic books are not one of them. I've tried and I just can't get into reading things in that way. I think that the comic book geeks are still generally enjoying the superhero movies and if I was one of them I would probably feel the same way.


@first2summit: Also I think a lot of the time the creator has has years to think about and fine tune the first movie, trying to sell the idea, get it greenlit, get everything lined up to get it made. Sequels usually follow fairly closely on the heels of the original, so unless it is a planned series, usually from a series of books like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the Lightning Thief, etc, there's not any material just sitting around waiting to be filmed.