questionshave you heard that walmart is price matching…


I did see this. Not sure what time zone this deal will start, or how many quantities will be available online. Here is the link directly from walmart


@lichme: This has a lot of potential to save exhaustion on the holiday itself. Especially if it is online as well as in the stores.


Christmas Ad Match applies to in-store prices only and excludes Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday ads.

Walmart stores will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product. Restrictions apply. 1 Hour Guarantee items not available for ad match.


@studerc: Yes, I read that. The Christmas ad match is a different promotion than the Black Friday match. The BF ad match says "selected items", so it may not apply to everything, but it will be interesting to see what the list looks like. I couldn't care less about toys, I am waiting to see a list of electronics (tablets!) and video media. I suspect that someone with the cajones to pull it off could go into Walmart with the Walmart page saying they will price match and ads from competitors and talk them into matching other stuff. The trick is going to be that most print BF ads don't come out till Sunday, so it will be hard to bring supporting ads to Walmart on Friday to try to get the match.


@moondrake: Ah! I see. There is some pretty sneaky wording in this article. I hate when they have articles like this where the title leads you to believe something different than what they are actually doing. I also originally thought it was a complete sham like studerc pointed out, so thanks for clearing that up.

I, too, will be interested to see what they put on sale Friday morning. Maybe they'll even be nice enough to break their website again so that we can get some really, really nice deals ;)


@moondrake: I always get a special "ad pack" delivered on Thanksgiving to be prepared for Black Friday. The true test of ad match though will be finding the exact same product. Often times for Black Friday, stores will have TVs with special model numbers just for Black Friday so there is no way that it will be the same one that another store has. Also, with iPads and such, the manufacturer sets the lowest price that it can be sold at. Stores will follow up with gift cards so they can sell it "at a lower rate" but the price match is based on the actual purchase price which won't change.

Bottom line, I don't see too many of the hot items actually having their price changed.


@wisenekt: Is that something your newspaper offers? You have to be up pretty danged early to get a Sunday paper around here this weekend. Most stores sell out of them by 8am when me and the furballs are still enjoying the luxury of sleeping past sunrise. Getting the BF ads delivered to your home is one of the major selling points of the local paper. It's both sad and hilarious that annual ad inserts are one of the best reasons to buy the paper for 52 weeks a year.


@moondrake: Yeah, the newspaper knows its advertisements are the bread and butter so they will specially deliver the Thanksgiving Day paper so anyone who gets a paper will get the ads. I have a Sunday only subscription just for the point of getting the ads and coupons every Sunday. They tried to make me a weekly customer, even offering a free trial of 7 day delivery for free for a month and I said no thank you. I get the comics, ads and coupons and the rest of the paper goes into the recycling.


Walmart is having it's own version of a woot-off starting today with "value of the hour" and "value of the day" deals.


I've never tried to price match anything at my local Walmart. They've given me such a hassle with the occasional coupon that I usually shop somewhere else.


According to the TV ad I saw, there are 20 items in this promo. But they didn't say which ones. The commercial showed a man looking for a TV.


@sgraz: There are 45 items (so far) available on the pre-Black Friday sale this Friday. Here is a link to the liost and the ad scan:

One big TV and a bunch of toys and games. Nothing of any interest to me, unfortunately. And I was planning to go, too. I hope we get more information soon on other price matched items on the Black Friday price matching promotion. There are two tablets I want at Best Buy but I'd rather overall invest my time at Walmart (where I can pick up household and clothing BF deals as well) than at BB. OTOH, BB shares a parking lot with KMart, and I'd much rather give K my money than WM, so maybe I should just give up on WM after all.


My experience is that Wally World rarely price-matches anything expensive enough to be worth the trouble. They get out of it by requiring the model numbers to be the same, and since nearly everything they sell has a model number available only through them, it never matches anyone else.


The pre black friday deals rang up on thursday. I walked in there thursday night and picked up a disney infinity and a handful of hotwheels for the kiddos. Then I went back friday night picked up the Skylanders set, a lego set at 50% off that they price matched from ToysRus, and a couple more Hotwheels. I got there probably 2 minutes too late on the Leap Pads on thursday. As I was walking towards the isle a lady went past me with 5 in her cart.