questionswhere can i get a good suit for a good price?


For B&M stores I've become a fan of Burlington's. I think of them as the Fry's of men's clothing since they have good prices, huge selection (36S is really hard to find), but the stores are cluttered and you'll get no help finding anything.
They usually also have an onsite tailor to help get you that extra fit.

I'm thinking you can probably get a two-piece suit for around $100, and then $30-50 to alter it.


If you like slimmer fitting suits you should check out H&M. You can find a suit there for around $80-130 and they don't look cheap. I get a lot of complements for my suit from there. The only problem is that they tend to carry more smaller sizes and they don't have a huge selection of styles, maybe just a few at one time.


The last couple of weeks Lord & Taylor was running a 50% off sale with coupons for an additional 20-25% off. I was able to pick up a nice Calvin Klein suit for $250 with alterations that listed for around $600. It was still running the middle of this week however I am not sure when it ends, if there is a store in your area worth looking into.


I'd try JCPenny or a Marshalls. I don't know if Marshalls has full suits, but I know they have decent prices on most of the parts of a suit.


Not sure if you have a Brooks Brothers outlet store near you, but they often have sales, and while its still BB and won't fit into every budget, I picked up my last suit from there for around $240 and its definitely very nice quality


JOS A BANK, if the sales are on, custom tailored for the same price as most department stores.


My husband bought a pretty awesome suit at JCPenney about a year ago. We went in on one of their early morning 40% off just about everything sales and he came out with the pants, jacket and vest for under $100 (not tailored, but he was able to find sizes that fit well). I have no idea if they are still decently priced due to their whole "we no longer do coupons and sales" thing, but it's worth checking out.

I keep seeing ads on tv for K&G where you can buy one and get two suits free, so it would be worth checking out too.