questionscan someone explain to me why you bought a cheap…


I saw that too and could not believe anyone would do that unless they buy it unaware of the new way things work.
That's all i can figure. Either that or they just have a lot of cash to blow on nothing .Nah, forget the last one. It wasn't even a cool item.


Maybe they returned to the days of old and just bought 3 to keep the woot off moving.


I don't understand how woot was able to afford packing and shipping something for $0.99...


I haven't bought anything in this woot-off, and I'm happy I haven't 'cause I sure had never noticed the change from the $5-shipping per day thing.


I never noticed the change. I foolishly bought some crap and now I'm pissed. THAT'S why people are buying stuff. They don't know!


This may be the last straw for a lot of us. I understand making a profit, but to hide that it's 5$ a cart now and not all day is total bs. Woot dropped the ball on this one. Wish people would stop buying and boycott the woot off. This is ridiculous.


Have been out of the country for a week. Got back, saw cart, smiled. Saw an end to "All you Can Ship", went back to work. I will be very productive today.


This is the way it always was before they launched new Woot! You young'uns have all been spoiled by your fancy shmancy all day shipping. Just suck it up and do like wooters have done since time immemorial, and pay the extra $5 per order.


Man oh man.
How many folks complained during the old days when it was always $5 per order?
WootOffs sold great then, too.

It's just the way of it, I guess.

j5 j5

I'm waiting for Woot-Prime!


@abramokids: and don't forget to buy 3 to offset the shipping costs!


@pamfenway: Oh is that no longer the policy? Darn.


I didn't. I want that fastener kit but not bad enough to pay $5 shipping on a $7.99 item. I'll watch the Woot Off and buy the fastener kit IF I buy something in the Woot Off.


They didn't exactly hide the fact that it was $5 per order now. Every main woot page has a banner on the right, with a link to that explains everything, including the fact that its $5 per order now, even during a woot-off.

I definitely preferred the $5 for all you can ship, but I do remember the woot-offs of yore, where it was $5 per. In all cases, I just look at the total cost of whatever it is, including shipping, and make my decision.

Their business, their rules. All I do is vote with my clicks & $. And honestly, I don't check deals or woot-offs nearly as obsessively as I did in years gone by. Some of that is being older & wiser (yeah right!), some of that is having kids (less free $), some of that is the changes to Woot!, some of that is the changes in what they have been flogging, and some of it is changes in my taste.

Tempting to blame it all on woot, but I have my part too.


What? When did it change? Aww well, I will keep doing my part to keep moving the WOOTOFF along anyway, in for 3!


@abramokids: Seriously when Woot prices aren't what they used to be either? What next a membership fee?

Woot is making money not only by selling to us...but by advertising revenue from these warehouse distributers. They don't have a warehouse full of furniture and gardening tools and computers....The business model is they are selling US their customer base to THOSE manufacturers...


Thanks for the indirect heads-up on the change to shipping. I rarely bother to even look at the woot-offs anymore, there just don't seem to be many good deals of any interest to me. I had high hopes for the new tools and gardening section but it has yet to offer anything of real interest, except those sheds with the unfortunate ad copy. I need to go back to adding in the $5 when evaluating each item, since the things I would want multiples of are very few and far between.


I happened to want something that was hard to find elsewhere and was dirt cheap even if you counted in the shipping.


It seems that everyone has completely forgotten that EVERYTHING used to be $5 shipping. Each item was ordered by itself - and it cost you $5 to ship it. A calendar? $5. A kitchen cart? $5. Woot had a temporary promotion (it even said "limited time" on the unlocked shipping logo) for shipping and has now gone back to their normal shipping cost. Well, sort of - outside of the woot-off, you can ship multiple items in one order for a single $5 shipping cost.

So why are you all mad?


Since amazon bought woot, less interesting stuff has been available, at less interesting deals, so who'd pay $5 for crap that's already out of the bag?


@thumperchick: I suppose I'm a bit mad because the all-day $5 shipping was a major factor in my decision to begin shopping Woot. I wasn't around for the old days and I'm just learning from these comments about how shipping was handled back in the day.

Of course, there will still be items which are good deals, even factoring in the shipping charge. I'll just have to watch for those items and avoid the Woot-Offs.


The $5 all-day shipping actually motivated me to buy junk I didn't need just because I unlocked free shipping. The fact that I would be unlocking free shipping often pushed me to make that initial purchase.

I have something from the Woot-Off in my cart now. I don't want to check out and pay shipping for just this one thing, but my item will probably sell out before I see something else I want.

Oh well. Thanks Woot for helping me save some money!


Woot! items have been very uninteresting since the Amazon purchase. I love Amazon, but Woot! is a very different company for me. I don't come here to find deals. I come here to find fun items to buy that I normally wouldn't have. Now it's the same offers time and time again for the same crap nobody wanted the first time it came up.

I don't have the money to buy a few hundred dollars worth of stuff every time I come on Woot! Give me some cheap things here and there, unlock unlimited shipping for $5 during Woot! Offs, and thrown in some crap in a bag.