questionsany last minute wedding advice?


Wise man marries his second wife first.



If you have the chance, take five minutes between the ceremony and reception for just the two of you, to sit and say WE'RE MARRIED!.

As an aside, if you know that your fiancee has a favorite coffee/iced coffee/tea drink/donut, considering surprising her by bringing one over on Saturday morning. If it's a place like Starbucks that write names on the cup, have them write "my soon-to-be wife" or something like that. It's a little thing that shows how thoughtful you are.

Good luck! Hope you have great weather.


Make sure it is ok with your bride, but spend time with old friends after the wedding, when do you get that many people together. Ditch the relatives and hit the bars.

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Feel free to pass this on. If you are both there and the minister/whoever is there, you're going to get married and that's all that matters. Everything else can go wrong, because you two will be man and wife by day's end either way.

And make sure she eats the morning of. Just a light meal. Because it's hard for the bride to get a chance to.

Congrats, hope all goes well.


I don't have a lot of advice for a groom, but I've always given brides the advice of sometimes before the wedding (12 hours, 24 hours, etc) give control of things to a designated decision maker. This is especially important for people who have done more of the organizing of their weddings themselves rather than having a more hands-on wedding coordinator. But, really, the bride shouldn't need to be making last minute decisions about when the cake will be cut, who needs to be on what pictures and other similar detail items. She should be able to enjoy her wedding day. Those questions will come up and someone else should be there to answer them. Makes the day much more enjoyable and less stressful for the people actually getting married.


Leave early for everything!!!! The traffic is always bad and traffic signals are advisory only. Enjoy yourselves. Take time to look around you and make a memory. Eat lots of Cuban food and kiss those older family members.
"Felicidades a los dos!"


@neuropsychosocial: Five minutes between the ceremony and reception, and you want to talk? Pffffft! That's enough time for conception! :) Seriously, as for the OP, be understanding to her wishes because this is her first time and not yours. Yield to her. Best wishes to you both.


Congrats, have fun!
Lots of opposing views these days, but getting married was the best thing I ever did. My advice for later on is to not forget the romance of the wedding day and the romance leading up to it. Put pictures on your wall and remember how happy you were that day!