questionshas the bar been raised, or has the woot…


I'm a newer user. And I can tell you that I've become a lot more active and see a lot of first-time users.

So... I would tend to say that the reason is the enlarging enrollment.


It used to be much easier to keep and maintain that little black triangle on deals.woot. Now with the population it is getting a little harder. But as long as you stay semi active and post decent stuff it shouldn't be hard to maintain the lil fella.


@coondogg97: Completely agree that if you stay relatively active you can still maintain the black triangle. Work has been insane lately so my deals.woot time has been cut by 75%, yet posting a few deals a week, commenting here and there and voting on some deals has kept me closer to the top than I expected.


@funkadelic78: Yep. I only post 2-3 deals a week and ask maybe a question once a week. I leave a few comments and answers here and there and vote for about 4-5 items a day. I stay in the top 15 nearly all of the time


lost my blackie...dont really care because I like to see the community grow. like weeds.


i liked it when only 99 and 100 were black triangles, it made me feel more special...


Sorry, maybe I worded the question incorrectly. I'm not discussing the black triangle, though that is a constant maintenance job. I'm simply referring to the most voted community pick of the day, which you can find on the Leaderboard page; the Wooter-posted deal that received the most votes. It used to only take about 50 votes to have the highest for the day, but now it's in the 100s. Does that make sense?


@danthonyross: I know what you mean. However, as detrimentally narcissistic as people generally are, the first thing that comes to mind is the precious black triangle, haha. I feel like I'm seeing the community grow fast. The thing that sometimes frustrates me about it is, when I actually have a really good deal to post, it might get buried within 5 minutes under an influx of garbage deals...