questionsis there a good place online to sell used cds?


Pawn shops around here will by them, but they don't pay much. Craigslist? Or tell us what you want for them and maybe somebody here will by them. Bulk lot sell on Ebay possibly, but who knows what you will get.

vote-for3vote-against or Amazon. has a monthly fee. is more like Ebay. Items listed on are simultaneously listed on Ebay for more exposure.

I think your best bet is selling you used CDs at a used record shop. You can get in store credit to buy something better.


Amazon doesn't have a monthly fee that I know about. I list books, DVDs and CDs there all the time. Most aren't even worth selling, though, once you factor in the cut amazon takes and the cost to ship the item. You can try to sell your CDs as a lot on ebay by genre. I sold a lot of ~65 CDs for around $50. So, not much, but better than selling them individually for a buck a piece.


They're not going to be worth a whole lot, but if you still have a local, independent record store in your town, that's probably your best bet. Maybe price-shop what Amazon will offer first, then go with the better offer between Amazon and a local shop.


You could try Murfie . They send you a prepaid box and you send all your CDs to them. They have an online store where they will offer your CDs for sale - with a free CD ripping service. You can always ask for your unsold CDs to be sent back (have to pay for return shipping). They are very convenient, but I've had pretty mixed success with them actually selling my CDs.


Since they are not worth much and hard to sell, if you are not in need of the cash, why not pass them on ?
Many of the following would be tax deductible for a win-win situation.

1.youth groups ( age appropriate selections ) or center for develop mentally disabled adults .
2. YWCA or Goodwill or Salvation Army.
3. Gilda's house or rehab center, or any other place that supports folks dealing with difficult illness or times. Music is healing.
3. Any group in your community that is having a white elephant sale. Our local animal shelter is having a big sale this spring.
4. Have an exchange party with a group of friends. Ask them to bring CDs they no long want. or send out an email to friends w/ list offer to mail if they pay ship.
5. nieces or nephews. Mine are always happy to get new "old" music.

I'm sure you can come up with even more possibilities in your community.


@nasman6: I should have mentioned I did call a couple pawn shops where I live. Some won't buy them at all. I did find one that will buy used CDs for ten cents each. That said I have enough that such a transaction could be worthwhile if I get really desperate to just be done with it, but I might just as well donate them to a thrift store instead at that point.


@skispeakeasy: Unfortunately in this entire county we have exactly one store that carries used music CDs. I already brought some of the CDs we were looking to sell to them and they bought something like 20% of what I brought them. I left with $35 and most of the CDs I brought in with me. I don't really have a use for store credit with them, either; as I was looking to reduce my CD library not expand it.


@davidwg98: This was the kind of idea I was looking for - ship off the whole mess and let someone else sell them. Thanks!


@lparsons42: 10cents, ouch, not worth the drive to the shop! Or. let us know what they, generally, and how much you want. Some of us weird people still like cd's, since we can't get vinyl much anymore.


Try Half Price Books if you have one locally. Or sell as a lot sale in Ebay. Expect almost no $ for them. Or a garage sale priced v cheap.

You can also donate to your local library or school.


Older or newer stuff? With cases and art? Genre?

Sounds like craigslist or ebay for what you are looking to do. Flea market season is fast approaching, you could set up or go and maybe sell to a vendor. Yard sales if that is your thing. We have a local auction that takes consignments. Donation might be the easiest.

I use Amazon for some and for a few. I use trade site for others. The trade site gets you credits to get more cds or you can transfer them to get books or movies. All these take time and multiple packages.


I would suggest They don't charge you for listing and, to my knowledge, that's where a lot of people look for used CDs. I personally cannot recommend listing on Amazon. Their seller services are a joke. They also take out what seems to be a substantially higher commission. A text book I listed for $65 had a commission of $10 or $15. Kind of ridiculous.

It's also worth noting that some CDs just don't have a market. Half of my CDs are probably worth only a dollar or two to a music shop, and only a little more online. One way around that is to put the entire collection as a lot on eBay. Make sure you have something you think would be in demand, or break it up by genre. I've looked into a few of those and they seem to be pretty popular. It's a great way to sneak in an unpopular CD.


You should look into donating them to a charity that can give you a receipt for your donation to use as a deduction on your taxes.

Some places may be more willing to write a receipt for "fair market value" as opposed to 10 cents per CD, so do your homework.

Contact local Schools, Libraries, Churches, Youth Centers, etc...


@lparsons42: I just came across a service called, and also Both offer free shipping, but abundatrade seems to offer a better return. Valuing my cds to send in now. Hope that helps.


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I have original copies that I bought year's ago. Everything is remastered and I'm not selling a cd that cost me $15 in 1995 so mine will be passed on to my son including all of my original vinyl. They pile up and take up space but that's just fine with me.


Price comparison websites with powerful engines are growing very fast now. You can find one for almost everything. Regarding used items, I always check Bonavendi, which is easy to use and has very good prices. You should take a look.