questionsdo you think more people should be conscious of…


I agree. Let's all try to be more clear when trying to insult eachother :P

(The presence of a ":P" shows that this post is all in good fun)


When you say "sarcasm is way cool in my book!" do you mean it sarcastically? Is sarcasm Not okay in your book? I just want to be sure we're on the same page in your book.

Yes, we should endeavor to be civil. CIVIL, DAMMIT.


I think everyone should be conscious of their words at all times. On the internet people seem to be in too much of a hurry to get their voice heard. Seems like there are lots of people just ready to fly off the handle over any small thing or difference in opinion. People race in with insults over opinions or even misunderstandings because they get emotional before they've even understood what was written.

What is great about the internet is that you can type up what you want to say, and you've not already said it. You could take a moment and read what you wrote before making the post. I wonder how many people do that? It Doesn't seem like many.


Some folks take the opportunity of anonymity to be ugly and hateful but you can take comfort in knowing they are also creepy in "real life"...just smile, feel some pity for them and move on :-)



Yes dammit! Don't make me come over there and ram civility down your miserable throat (way cool again...).


I think everybody tends to be a lot more quick tempered and say more off the wall stuff online. I feel like if you just endeavor to interact online with the same social norms that you would if it was an in- person interaction, things will be fine.


Having a weird sense of humor that leans to sarcasm, I rein myself in constantly. And try very hard to watch what I'm saying. ...I'm aware that no one really knows me. I've seen rude, crude and down right nasty posts that really make me cringe. If they're bad enough (IMO), I'll tattle on them. Usually I just down vote those kinds of comments, and leave the thread w/o posting (either at all or again).

@aksmann44: Yes, in answer to your question. Hope I didn't offend you w/all our back & forth comments on the slingshots. That was you, wasn't it? Gray moments here. Anyway, I'm sorry if I did. Also I apologize to everyone else. If that was unnecessary - please hold it for another day & cash it in at that time. :-D


We certainly always encourage people to make their point as amicably as possible. You're never going to get someone to listen if you're a jerk about it. =P


I couldn't agree more. I've played at a game site for over a decade and the rudeness of those who hide behind anonymity is unbelievable. In fact, I no longer play cards there because I got accused of cheating nearly everytime I won. And, I won alot :-) Just wasn't worth dealing with the nasties.
(And, no, I never cheated.)

In addition, I decided to google "skanning"...and every comment I ever made on WOOT showed up. I've never been nasty but on hindsight some of that stuff is a bit embarrassing. So, do be careful what you say :-D

So now, this comment will show up, too. lol


you can get far with a kind word, but you can get farther (further?) with a kind word and a gun.


I needed my toes stepped on a little like this; thanks for the post. I should bite my tongue a little bit more in certain cases. While, I won't relinquish all of my sarcastic humor, I will try to cut down on the sardonic condescension.


I often start to make a comment and then decide not to post it because my tone, etc. will be misunderstood depending on how it is read. I can type a sentence and 10 different people will read it 10 different ways. That is an inherent problem with the written word. I am sure there are a lot of times when I post something and it is misinterpreted to mean something it was not. I often see people read more anger into something that was never intended that way, etc. I think some people make comments not thinking about how they will be received and not thinking about the fact that the reader has no idea what their personality is, the expressions on their face and the inflection in their voice that can make all the difference in how a message is delivered and received.

Then again, there are a lot of jerks out there who simply don't care about others and their feelings or how they are perceived.