questionswhat's a good brand of camping knife?


The one you have beats any you might want at the moment...


For camping and any rugged outdoor use I would not use a folder, especially if as you say you are camping 10+ miles into the woods.

The Gerber LMF II is a great knife. I've used it to do everything from sawing, cuting, pounding tent stakes and best of all it's made in the USA. I know it's not the cheapest but when you need a don't want the cheapest, especially if you hear banjo music. Good luck in your research.


I knew you guys would come through. Those are all great options! Now I do a little more research, and make a decision!


Check out

They are always carrying nice knives


@xarous: I hike, camp, mt. climb and I would never use that heavy celebrity marketing stuff. I'd be embarrassed for the guy/gal who pulled that out.

Get some of the better SOG, Gerber, or Benchmade knives.


@tucnguyen: I prefer Spyderco Knives, folders specifically but they have various fixed blade knives also... Do a search for their Jump Master knife, it was designed specifically for the military job of Parachute Jump Master...


I've used one of the SOG's (the one without the nylon ripper or whatever) we sell on occasion for camping and fishing. Works great, though it picks up the occasional spotted that can be buffed out. Pretty durable, nice heft, good locking mechanism, easy to clean. Guts a trout nicely as well. I also carry it daily.


@hobbitss: Yes, Spydercos are great! I have a couple I leave around the house for daily use and with the exception of the tip on one breaking, they've handled many a jobs. I saw this cool blunt tip folder - the Assist - designed for emergency rescue my rafting guide had.


I own a Becker Eskabar, been fairly happy with it. Haven't tried to baton wood with it, but have read that it works alright for that. Really small, and the sheath is alright, though I bought a kydex sheath to go with it. You can buy scales for it or cord-wrap it. Nice and light, and (minus kydex) under $50. At the least, a great backup knife.

If you want just a good beater, without worrying about weight, a military surplus Kabar might work for you.

Personally, I'd rather carry a good straight blade and a good serrated blade/saw separately than carry a combo blade, that's just me. That and some negative reviews keep me from the Gerber LMF-II.

Echoing what @tucnguyen and @hobbitss have said, spyderco is great. I have an H1 salt, and that thing has bit me a few times. It is REALLY sharp, and easy to open. Tiny, too, so not a camping knife by any stretch. I didn't notice I had nicked myself until I had the knife closed and put away, and I only noticed because I was bleeding.


For your main camp knife, the one you use to cut down saplings, split logs down the middle, and the one you want to always have with you no matter what, the Becker BK2:

For your second camp knife, the one you use to cut and 'feather' your kindling, and maybe cut some food, the Mora Bushcraft (with fire steel and stone):

For your always keep in your pocket waterproof insanely sharp fish gutter, rope cutter, and "I'm not playing around" defense knife, the Spydero Tasman Salt: