questionsare we back to bocrashing?


Not sure, but I've been timing out for 15 minutes or so. Just when I'm about to give up I get one step closer.



It's a 4 step process for CCs now. Get the front page to load, click the button. That takes you to the more details page. Click again and you have to log in (I logged in an hour ago and it made me do it again anyway), and then you'll still have to add the security code. I'm not really sure why having to click "Buy" twice is considered a design improvement.


The developers are crying over their servers as they try to fix it.


@thunderthighs: Win!

Crying over the severs will only short circuit the servers though... no wonder.


Woot-IT: Woot let the smoke out, Woot, Woot, WootWoot!

(Note - computers run on smoke. Let the smoke out and they die)


That was the most infuriating BOC I can ever remember. It lasted forever but was still virtually unobtainable. Only once did I make it past the "service Unavalable" page, but even when I got past it just took me to the "we need you to log in one more time page," which only lead to another round of "Service Unavailables"

At 3:40 AM I threw in the towel and went to bed.