questionswhat are your thoughts on denim?


Good for jeans. Little else. Especially jackets and guys SHORTS!

vote-for7vote-against has a great selection and styles at great prices. Me being 6'4" and nearly 300 pounds it's not feasible for me to find jeans that fit locally.


I love my blue jeans. I have three different size groups of jeans--skinny, medium and fat. Right now I'm moving from my fat jeans to my medium jeans. My goal is to get into my skinny jeans and stay there. Well, duh! Anyway, my skinny jeans consist of some of my favorite oldies--well broken in, nice and soft. I've missed getting to wear them.

Yep, love my blue jeans!


The only reason I can think that jeans are so expensive is because people will pay that much. Silly people.
I don't see that there's a lot of difference, at least in the materials used and the amount of time required for manufacture, between a $30 pair of Lees and a $150 pair of whatever the hot brand currently is and the hot brand jeans usually don't have pockets worth anything.

For the record, I wear the $30 Lee. Call them "Mom Jeans" if you want, they're comfortable, durable and have useable pockets.


Jeans are my uniform. All other fabrics are second best.

I'm a fan of the eddie bauer jeans, although Lee is pretty good, too. But only when they're on sale. And since I'm tall and skinny, I stock up when that happens.


never paid more than $25 for a pair of jeans in my life.
I get mine either at costco or the factory outlets. Tommy Hilfiger carpenter jeans have been some of my favorites from the outlets, and I like the nauticas and calvin kleins I got at costco.


1. There is a huge difference in denim quality. Some brands (True Religion) are expensive garbage because they can be while others (7, ag) are of a much higher quality than your average denim. Paying for silly finishes is odd, though. Through high school/college I wore Levi's and whatever brands PACSUN had for $20/pair. I have a few pairs of 7s now that still look almost brand new after years of use. The fabric is softer, slightly stretcher, holds color better and looks better. The cuts are also better.

If you don't notice or care about those things, no reason to spend a lot on jeans, but if you do then do it. They will last forever if you handle them properly.

2. Everyone bought your size before you got there, especially if you're 'deal' shopping.

3. No clue. Maybe because 'common' sizes keep changing as we collectively get fatter.


@inkycatz: There's a couple of details from your question that seem to be missing.

4. What brand or brands are you speaking of?
5. What stores have you already visited?

I'm still wearing jeans that I bought new years and years ago, and I'm pretty hard on them (I garden eight months out of the year). I'm not personally brand loyal, but (if I were looking to replace the jeans I own) I think I'd try Wranglers and see if they'd work. It's the one I see most often on people who do work like construction and ranching (both notable for being destructive to clothing). Carhartt's is also pretty good.



1. Because people pay for the brand name (I know, I'm guilty of it)
2. They don't look nice because, unfortunately, funky washes and pre-ripped jeans are "in". I personally don't want my jeans to look dirty or like I spilled bleach on them.
3. I have the same problem, only when I go looking, all I can find ARE the common sizes.I've given up not ripping the cuffs of my jeans. As a very slim girl with a 28-29 inch inseam, it's hard to find "short" sizes.

I've bought the $100 lucky brand jeans, and never regretted it. They fit prefectly, and the material actually has a bit of thickness to them. They aren't going to be destroyed any time soon from general wear and tear. I've also bought the $20 department store brand and had them trashed in a matter of weeks because they were so cheaply made.


I live in jeans, my current favorites are Levis 515 boot cut. I look for them on eBay and never pay more than $30 for jeans. Amazon also has good deals (duh!) so try shopping in person, find a few styles/brands that you love, then look for the same thing online. Be sure to write down any details because Levis (for example) has tons of styles they call boot cut but I only like the 515 style.

I also find the Coldwater Creek "perfect" jeans to be...well...perfect for me and they have great sales all the time.

Tip: If you do find a pair of expensive jeans and you love them so much you have to pay $100 for them, have them dry cleaned instead of washing them in water. They will stay new looking much longer.


@wootbretz: You are spot on. The finishes are silly to pay for but the premium price denim is better quality. My sister was in LA and went to a sample sale and picked up some ridiculously priced jeans at a great price and there is SUCH a difference. That being said Old Navy isn't bad, and I've seen 7, TR, etc. at Nordstrom's Rack or Loehmann's or Marshalls. I would try out the discount stores to see if there is a brand you like. Good luck jean shopping!


I buy my jeans second hand, mostly at Savers. Vastly more selection, and they are already broken in. They do have some new ones, but I really prefer second hand ones. The last time I went jeans shopping I got very lucky and found not just one, but two pair that when I pulled them on felt like old friends. Perfect fit, comfortable, just the length I wanted. One pair in blue and one in black. $5 each.


I never cared much about wearing some designer's name on my a**, so even at my most fashion conscious (which wasn't very, I admit), I prefer substance over form. Of course, a brand and style that fits one person perfectly will not fit some other folks. My favorite for the past few years has been BandolinaBlu, which I buy at Sam's Club for under $30. I think I get the Mandie Classic Fit ones, which seem to be snug in the places they should be snug, and relaxed in the places they should be relaxed (at least on my body). They are slightly stretchy, come in several shades of light blue to nearly black, and are available as capris, as well. I just got into my skinnier size again (although still not skinny), but my fat sized ones still look like new (well, "professionally aged" new). You can't try on jeans at Sam's, but if you have one near you, pick up a few sizes and take them home to try. Nice to be able to just pick 'em up and go home!


@ohcheri: You don't have to pay for dry cleaning. In fact, that might be more damaging. Wash inside out (helps keep color), by themselves (no bleeding onto other clothing, using just a drop of detergent (less washing away color and for a very short cycle (reduces anything negative) then hang dry.

And don't wash too often.

Of course, if they are rugged/work jeans, then all that is thrown out the window.


@wootbretz: That's how I wash my jeans, haven't been near a dry cleaner in years. But my first job (roughly 100 years ago...) was at a dry cleaner shop. I asked why would anyone bring their jeans in to be dry cleaned and my boss told me the expensive jeans last longer if dry cleaned.


Been getting the nerve to bust out the denium umpsuit, now im having second thoughts!


Blue jeans are so expensive because people have started figuring out that they can quickly be converted to 'Jorts' with a quick snip from a pair of scissors


@joslynmsu: ha! Oddly enough it was my frustration with Old Navy being out of stock in store/backordered to death online that sparked this very question. H&M wasn't too great in terms of options, and Gap was a wee bit expensive, and also not in my size. I'm getting really good at narrowing down what size I am this season by what isn't fitting on me at the stores, that's for sure. :P

Even tried Target, and half the styles are even sized and the other half were odd sized (which became a question of 'how is this ever consistent'), and I was a bit skeptical at the quality of some of them.

Then it became "where else can I go" and "how can deals help", which I have to say you all are awesome at coming up with places to try as alternatives.

I am loving this thread :)


@wootbretz: If you are worried about color, include plain white vinegar in your wash. Sets color, removes odors.


@inkycatz: even sizes are women's/misses and odds are juniors from what I have seen


@chellemonkey: That's really good to know, thanks! :)


Trick question. Stop buying your jeans at Old Navy.

Go find a decent pair for $50 that fits, then write down all the information and go shop online for them. Especially if they go on sale.

However, the reason why there are $200+ pairs of jeans is because not all denim is the same. It's a bit like buying an Apple iSomething. Either you're "INTO" jeans Otaku style, or you just wear jeans. There really isn't any middle ground.

I have several $150+ pairs. (Typically 1940's/50's reproductions using Selvedge denim, with a couple of "stylish" pairs." And then I have my everyday work-wear jeans which cost less than $50 per pair, and I buy them online in bulk after finding a local pair that fits well and doing as I described above.

If you want "Good" denim, buy "Good" denim. Just make sure you educate yourself on what makes denim "Good" before spending more than $100 on a pair of jeans.

Keep in mind, I'm not a fashion snob. I'm a denim snob. Huge difference, I wear mostly Woot T's.


@kamikazeken: Unfortunately the "problem" with Nautica's jeans is that their quality has dropped massively in the last 3 years culminating in said CostCo selling.

Every pair of Nauticas I've purchased within the last 3 years has fallen apart in the dryer. (I treat them as Work jeans.) I still have a pair from 5 years ago with no issues other than a torn belt loop.