questionswhat was your best reselling experience…


not necessarily something I re-sold but I went down to AC last weekend and signed up for their rewards card. They gave me a free $10 slot voucher that i stuck in a $10 slot machine and won $500 from. That was pretty cool.

Something i bought that I made money on recently was from craigslist a couple weeks ago. Bought a copy of Conker's Bad Fur Day for N64 for $3.00. Resold that for about $70.


A business got shut down in our building. The building owner said that we could go in and take any of the equipment we wanted because he was going to have to pay a company to come in and trash it all. It was mainly office furniture, a couple book cases, filing cabinets, etc. No electronics or anything.

So, we raided the place, upgraded our office chairs, etc. They had a conference room with a huge table that no one took because of its size. I went in and found that it was actually a round table with 4 leafs in it. So, I dismantled it, took the table and the 10 chairs. Sold it on CraigsList for $300 within a day. Sort of wish I sold it for more with how quickly it went. But, it was free money either way.


got a pair of golf spikes in my most recent bag of crap, the retail for 25, sold them to a friend for 10$


I bought 3 woot! flying sock monkeys during a woot-off for 99¢ each, then sold them all on ebay for a total of $90.


@jsimsace: wow I got three of those too. I might sell one, that is nuts.

I bought an 82 Fender Bullet for 40 bucks at a garage sale and sold it for 300 I think, I probably could have got 400 but I really wanted the money fast.


@cowboydann: I checked my old ebay invoices, and it was actually $80. It helped when I added "first edition" to the title. People are crazy about first editions, but I don't know in this case how someone could tell the difference between first and later. Sounds like you made a better haul on the Fender though. :(