questionsany model lionel train experts?


Usually, it's just what's in the packaging, and sometimes the trains are specially packaged for holiday gifts.
Lionel has online catalogs if you want to cross-ref.

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O Guage Has a Larger turning radius, so if you ran an O guage train on 027 track, it would fall off. O guage track is a lot stronger, bigger and lets the O guage train run smoother.


I asked a poorly worded question, and forgot to delete a word. Serves me right for doing this during a meeting instead of just paying attention to woot.

What I was wondering is what is the difference between these:

kids woot yesterday

kids woot today



@dpn0121: I think I answered your question.
Use the model number and the Lionel catalog to check what's "in the box"
The sold-out one and the amazon one are the same train (polar express passenger): 6-31960
The other one has different cars (polar express freight)

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