questionswho bought star wars on blu ray?


I'm going to wait until Lucas releases the Super Original Special Deluxe Set, then I'll buy the Original Trilogy used from a super fan for 50% of the original price.


I bought it back in January on Amazon. I only got the original 3 movies because the prequels weren't that good to me. I will miss some of the originals little gaffs and was disappointed in the additions made in the first go round when Lucas did the theater release several year back now. That being said it is still the same story and the good guys still win. The death star still explodes twice and Luke is still Leia's brother. I was hoping that the original theater release would be on the blu-rays back when I paid for them but oh well I will enjoy them with my kids.


I pre-ordered them in July from Best Buy, so I have to wait for them to ship. Another nice job by Lucasfilm not letting vendors ship these out early so that fans can receive them on the release date instead of a week later.

Excited to see the OT deleted and extended scene content, should be gold. Not thrilled about the changes (all of them since 1981) but, as @asahel01 said, they are in essence the same movies I grew up with now with blinking Ewoks!


I order them from Amazon a couple of months ago and they are waiting for me on my front doorstep when I get home today!


I think George Lucas has enough money, I passed


I was going to until the Darth Vader NOOOO! scream added to Return. Lord knows what else he changed.

I'll torrent them in a few days.


I'm holding out for the version with the extended scenes of Jar Jar Binks.


I was only kidding! You can start posting again. :)

Actually, I would have bought it if there was a scene where Jar Jar turns into a zombie and starts chewing on Lando Cal-Ripken!


@loubriccant: lol I suppose if you're going to force yourself to suffer through 1-3, you may as well go all out


I had it pre-ordered for the longest time, but now seeing all the bad rep it's been getting I canceled because it seems like the price will drop significantly


If the price plummets around Black Friday, I'll consider it. I've got the movies on DVD, but a couple are in 4:3 aspect ratio (I received them as a gift, and haven't had the heart to replace them yet).

I think I already bought the movies. I kind of want to look for torrents of the unmodified original trilogy, and the Magnoliafan edits of Eps 1+2...Ep3 was passable anyhow.

Someone that uses audio from the old VHS rips to re-edit the Blu-ray releases would be my hero (Thinking about Fett's voice in ESB, Vader's NOOOOO in ROTJ, etc)


I just got it today from WalMart =( Most likely burned on lower quality BluRay disks... =D They look ridiculously good! On 120hz its a bit fake looking like most shows but its still awesome!



wife brought home the set today for our 9 year anniv.


I have the original, un-Georgified Trilogy on Laserdisc. What more would I want?


I got mine first thing Friday morning. I've only watched Episodes I and II so far, but Episode I was a tremendous improvement. The DVD looked like an average 90s movie, but the Blu-ray makes it look like the others.

As far as people not liking the prequels go, we've heard it all. I think they would like it more if they went into it with a better attitude. I've given my girlfriend books to read, and she's decided beforehand that she won't like it. After reading them, it turns out she didn't. Sometimes, though, you can tell she's trying very hard to come up with bad things to say about them.


So did they correct the whole "Han shot first" situation on the Blu-ray edition? If anything needed to be "fixed" it was that.


"In September 2010, it was announced that the Star Wars films will be released in 3-D beginning in 2012 with the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace."



When they release Indiana Jones, short round is going to have an iPad. Actually, thankfully, Spielberg won't allow them to do that. He recently released a statement about the changes he made in E.T. and his regrets. Once again, Spielberg is king!