questionsis woot doing popup ads now, or do i have malware?


I have never had a pop-up on Woot and I browse here a lot.

You might want to scan your computer.


I have adblock too... the only pop-up I've gotten on Woot! was to login or create an account.

Otherwise.... no pop-up ads for me.

But, having never visited Woot! with adblock disabled I'm not sure what to think of that.


Woot does not do pop-up ads. Ugh. I think all of us here hate them.

Holler though if you ever see an inappropriate or misbehaving ad so we can look at blocking it. We need the site you saw it, the full URL it directed you to (yeah, we need that. Sorry), the company, and anything else you think might be helpful.


it started showing up on slickdeals and other sites I was visiting as well.
I was infected, ran combofix which has cleared it all up. I was pretty sure it wasn't legit ads that were showing up, since I didn't think woot would do THAT...

One of those fake malware/security things that pretends to actually be a security app.
After running combofix, I finally got rid of McAfee and installed Kaspersky instead.


Download Malwarebytes Antimalware from Make sure that it is up to date, by click on the update tab and verifying the date. If it's today, then go back to the first tab and run a quick scan.

If it does find something, let it walk through removing it. It's usually very good.


Sounds like malware to me. I've never had a popup ad from any woot site.


You might of disabled your pop-up blocker. I do that from time to time hoping that they've started making 3D pop-ups. Sadly they have not...


If you're using Google Chrome, you might also check to make sure that you aren't getting popup ads from 'extensions.'


+1 vote for malware bytes I love it...