questionsdo you craft around the holidays? share with us!


I found these on another forum and they look delicious:
1 package Oreos
8 oz. cream cheese
16 oz. almond bark/whatever dipping chocolate

Crush all dem cookies.
Mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs until blended.
Shape into 1 inch balls.
Refrigerate 1 hour.
Dip in melted chocolate; place on waxed paper.

I would like to make these, but mostly I want to eat them.


I just finished making blankets yesterday. Well, I think I finished. I might have one more to go. I can only sew straight lines (mostly straight counts) so blankets are about my limits. I'm also going to make some caramel sauce and raspberry sauce to give with some coffees this year. Oh and I am also making 3 cookbook/scrapbooks.


This skull snowflake comes with a pattern and if you don't think I'm going to print that sucker out and give it a go, you are so wrong.


Cross stitch:

Cookies - making peanut butter blossoms

Pumpkin monkey bread:

I love this time of year. Whether it's homemade cards, decorations, baked goods, especially baked goods - this is so freaking fun!
Also, not my creation - but a friend does amazing Oreo balls and mice made of Hershey's Kisses & chocolate dipped cherries.


Oh yeah - a friend of mine posted a great kid's craft idea!
Get ice-cream sugar cones (cone shaped, not boxy at all)
You make/buy some green frosting
Get holiday colored candy pieces
and sturdy paper plates!

turn the cones upside-down on the plate, let the kids "paint" the tree with frosting and decorate with candy!


Here's a pick of some of my latest jewelry. I give some away as gifts but most of it I sell, and a lot of that becomes gifts. I also made photo books of our latest trip to give to my fellow travelers, that's what's under the jewelry. I made photo calendars and had canvas bags made with images of one of my paintings for my family but those are already wrapped so I can't share them with you.


Those Oreo cake balls are the shizz/bomb/bee's knees (depending on your generation). My wife makes them and they are awesome. There are also recipes for red velvet cake ones that are good as well.


There's some really nice stuff filling up this thread. Certainly helping me get into the holiday spirit. :)


I make beaded ornaments every year. I'd add a picture, but I'm at work, and I don't have any pictures on their computer (in fact, I shouldn't even be using it to be on deals.woot right now, but meh!)

I also bake cookies (from scratch), sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter and other random ones as I feel like it! I've done cakes in the past (from a box, I'm lazier there!).

I like to craft year round, as I like to enter them at my local fair, this year all my jewelry won second place or better, so you know I'm doing it again next year! I cannot sell stuff if I wish to continue entering it into the fair. I can gift or donate though. I donated a bunch of stuff to a local cat rescue (feral cats, she does Trap, Neuter, Return on the ones that will always be too wild, and tries to keep the ones that appear friendly until they are calm enough to be adopted...she also adopts out the kittens~after they have been fully vetted).

I'll try to remember to post pictures later of my crafties!


Here are some pictures of my beaded ornaments. Pretty late now, but hey, at least I finally remembered, lol!



Kitty Pins and Ornament (made for a friends cat rescue so she can sell them to benefit her rescue)

Butterfly Pin (second place at the county fair last year!)

Snowman (he looks a bit drunk, he needed to be reformed, lol)

And a pretty flower :)