questionsshould i stick with android, or get an iphone?


i had an ipod touch and then i got my first smartphone recenlty, the droid 3. i like android much better because of the way you can customize everything where as apple you have to do what they allow unless you wanna jailbreak and void your warranty. nexus looks pretty awesome


I debated the same purchase and chose the droid razr. I have been very happy with it. People with iphones notice how sharp my screen is. It seems a tad lighter than the iphone - it's close. But I like all the things we can do with the phone - and while I don't know much about customizing it, my sons can do a lot for me!


This will turn into an Android vs IOS fanboy debate, but before it does I will try and give a very neutral response..

Most of the "good" apps are on both Android Market & ITunes Store
You can easily root/jailbreak either phones

* iPhones retain their re-sale value. The 64GB iPhone 4S is $400 w/ a 2-year contract. This retails at $849.99 w/o contract. You could easily sell this for what you paid for it after your contract expires.
* The iPhone 4s is well made. Put an Otterbox on it and it is damn near indestructible. (Just don't drop it in water)
* AppleCare is generally cheaper/better quality "what if" insurance than cell phone providers.
* iOS is much more stable and smooth running than Android (up to but not including Ice Cream Sandwich.. I haven't used it yet so cannot comment on it)

* Your phone/GMAIL/Google Voice/Google everything/Your Soul all becomes 1 entity.
* You don't have to use iTunes
* You can make fun of iOS users


The only real drag I have encountered on the i4 is the inability to bulk erase old e-mails.


As much as I like my iPhone, I'd probably say to stick with Android. For one, everything's already set up with Android. You get an iPhone, you're basically at square one. The only thing that would transfer is your contacts. This is particularly crummy if you've paid for a large number of apps.

Really, other than that it's completely up to personal preference. When I got my iPhone, I think I was deciding between it and the Droid 2. They were basically identical phones to me. Virtually the same hardware and some pros and cons on each side. I pretty much just went with my gut and decided on the iPhone.

If you've used Android before and are happy, stick with it. But you'll also be pretty happy with iOS, likely.


@thedogma: the apps not being able to transfer isn't a huge deal IMO. I download all the Amazon Free-For-A-Day Android Apps (for my rooted HP Touchpad), and I download all the free-for-a-day premium iOS apps as well.

So I have several hundred apps on both markets that I may or may not ever use (that are normally paid apps), just in case.

I will say that Android Market takes pure $$ for paid apps, whereas you can get deals on iTunes cards and "pay less". I did the Sams Club $100 iTunes pack deal for $75 last year (bought up $500 worth for $375 and managed to sell $400 for $350 on Craigslist. So I got a $100 Gift iTunes card for $25 without much hassle. Can't do that with Android.

and you don't need an iDevice to download free "premium apps" for your iOS devices:

1) Download iTunes
2) Register at SlickDeals
3) Add "Subscription" to Keyword: iTunes
4) Get several paid apps/games a day in your e-mail.

You will be able to use those apps on any iDevice you buy.


Really it depends on what you want to do and what you plan to use. How important is being able to customize everything and change things at will? I know plenty of people that say they went with Andriod, but then leave every as default.

Does iCloud or Siri interest you? What about iTunes Match or iTunes in the cloud?

How integrated into your life is Google?


@devexityspace: Right. It's just one thing I would consider if I made the switch to Android. Even then I have an iPod touch as well, so I wouldn't even lose the use of any paid apps.

In addition to your suggestion, there's TONS of apps that monitor when apps go free/ reduced for iOS, and I'm sure there's just as many for Android


Android- but since you're a girl, an iPhone might be easier for you.


They are both good devices, I don't think you will regret going with either. I have been using iDevice products for ten years and I have been using Droid devices for half that. They both have pros and cons.

Regardless of what you chose just try to go with the newest model that is available. You are stuck with this device for a year or two. They are constantly updating these things so make sure you have the most up to date one before committing. That's just my opinion.


Battery life is a big issue for me - the new droid razr maxx is supposed to have the best battery life out there. (Of course, this came out right after I got my razr!) I do love the gorilla glass - staying scratch free, even with earrings - a real problem with my old phone.


@iggz: Pah I'm more tech savvy than the majority of my male friends.


@imshadow22: Well, I've been using Amazon Music to download my tunes, and they have a cloud player.. I guess I am pretty integrated with Google, but not so much that it would be absolutely unbearable to switch...


Answer is simple..... Do you care about what people think about you (jumping on the iThis bandwangon,) of quality, security, & functionality?

You can honor jobs death by overpaying for a POS or you can get the exact Android device you want.


@angelsgirl2002: So are you sticking with Android or getting an iPhone?