questionshow do i look for a specific item?


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Expand the community deals side, type your item in the search box and click search. If the resulting item has a tombstone by it that means it's dead. Good luck!


If you're looking for something on the main woot sites use this link: and enter your search in the "Google Custom Search". You can use the /forums/ for any one of the woot sites as well. I.E.

Also, if you're looking for something on deals.woot & need to find something super extra specific use the advanced search function. And just for our sanity, could you reply thanks to the question so we know whether or not you actually read our answers and if you do reply, could you say whether or not we've helped? Thanks!!!!


Look under the couch and under the bed. That's where specific items tend to be when I look for them.


Singles bars work sometimes too!