questionsare you upgrading to apple's mountain lion…


I would imagine whether it'll work depends more on hardware like your processor, but I'm no expert on this kind of thing. Here's Apple's official list of supported models though:

As for me, I'm undecided. I initially had no interest in it because it just seemed like an update to bring the OS more in line with their iOS stuff, and I've been pretty happy with Lion on my Air. But then I read about the AirPlay Mirroring feature and as I don't have cable, it kind of made me think twice...

Edited to Add: Why do you think you'll be sorry if you don't upgrade?


Do you need Mountain Lion? No. Whether to get it is really up to you. I upgraded to Lion about a month after it came out and while I wasn't disappointed, it wasn't really worth the upgrade to me (I upgraded from Snow Leopard).

That being said, I likely will upgrade to Mountain Lion at some point. It doesn't boast any features I find myself really needing. The upgrade of highest interest would be the capability to view a webpage from one device and move it to another. That's pretty cool, since I find links on my phone that would be more comfortable/ suited for use with my computer. However, what I've been doing is e-mailing myself the link and opening it on the computer. Basically the same solution, but it doesn't cost me $20. Also is Firefox compatible.

I'm really waiting to see what the consensus is. Overall on the App Store it seems positive. But a 5-star "I love everything Apple!" fanboy review doesn't really tell me anything about the OS. I plan on giving it about a month



and then reading a number of write ups. I'll scroll through the three and lower ratings on the App Store and filter through until I get a general idea of the common major criticisms. For example, one for Lion was the cessation of support for PowerPC apps. Which I knew about since I was keeping up to date on the news on the OS, but so it goes. I only lost one game when I upgraded.

But still, for some people, these criticisms can be dealbreakers. And after waiting a month and taking a few hours to filter through articles and user reviews, I'll have a good idea of what they are and if they'll bother me.

On the other side, I'll also know if the upgrade is worth it. I know as of now, most of the bragged features are not a really big deal to me. I don't use full screen apps, I don't really use messenger anymore, there's nothing offered that I find critical. So I can stand to wait.

The main reason I upgraded to Lion in the first place was for iCloud support. That was something I knew


@heyjoie, I was still using leopard so to upgrade to Lion and I had to do 2 upgrades. So I'm just assuming Apple will do the same thing.

I'm a casual user so don't need bells and whistles.

I'm still getting used to Mail in Lion. I switched to old mail but I still don't like it.


I would want to have/ need. Of course they added support for iCloud and Snow Leopard after I upgraded, but so it goes.

This has turned into a really long answer so I'm going to wrap it up. It comes down to personal choice. Do you want it? Do you "need" it? Are any of the major changes going to affect you and is it going to be positive or negative?

It's a cheap update, so if you're on the fence, wait a bit like I am, wait even for them to release 10.8.1 to get any bugs out. But if it's something you'd like to have and you have the hardware for it, then there's really no reason not to. I haven't checked in a few days, but I have yet to see any really big complaints about the OS.


It seems like you're in an unusual situation; your best bet might be to make an appointment at a Genius Bar if you're within driving distance of an Apple Store. As for whether Mountain Lion is worthwhile: I'd really been looking forward to Dictation and it's been great. I hadn't realized that it required an internet connection (although this information was readily available), but it's surprisingly accurate and considerably less expensive than stand-alone dictation software. I'm dealing with some medical issues that make this a very useful feature. Moreover, I recently discovered Reminders on my phone; I am wicked forgetful and was constantly stressed because I knew I was forgetting something - or I'd think of something and know that I would forget to follow through. Notifications as an app on my computer has also been great! I haven't used any of the other new features, but I think several are promising if I could change my habits of how I'm accustomed to doing things.


@minkeygirl7: Ah, I see. If you're worried about another potential double-upgrade situation... I would be VERY surprised to see a new OS come out before 2 years from now, so I don't think that's a problem you'd be likely to face anytime soon.

For me personally, unless there is a specific feature I really want, I tend to not upgrade. If nothing else than because sometimes older software I use may encounter problems (I had trouble with this with some music notation software when I upgraded my iMac to Snow Leopard). And like @thedogma, I prefer to wait and see what the general consensus is.

I too am more of a casual user, so I guess I tend to subscribe to the "If it ain't broke, don't upgrade it" line of thought on this one. But it is always nice to be able to have the newest OS. :)


Sorry, but the RAM isn't the issue. If your Macbook was made prior to late 2008 then it can't run 10.8 because of the graphics card. Nothing to be done about that. If it's a late 2008 or newer, then you're golden. Go to About This Mac and click More Info. If your graphics card is an Intel GMA X3100, then you can't upgrade.

To answer your question, not yet. I'm waiting for the first update (10.8.1).


@minkeygirl7: Thought you might like an update on the situation. I just read some reviews (found about 2 out of 20 1-star reviews that actually had some information as to why the low rating was given) and I do not think I will make the upgrade. There are a few major bugs (such as system bricking and kernel issues) and some of the major draws like AirPlay mirroring are only supported by computers made in the last year or so.

Since I don't really use messages and don't care about notifications or GameCenter, I will personally pass on ML. Since your machine is older it might not even support the OS. If the draws outweigh the cons for your personal use, then go for it. But I'd talk to an Apple Specialist or someone at your local Genius Bar first, make sure your system can handle it.

If you do decide to upgrade, wait until 10.8.1 is released. Upgrading wont do you any good if you're hit with bugs.


No, no and NO! I have a system and apps that work.