questionswhy does my cart say ships in 3-5 days, 3-8 day…


Which item are you referring to?

The 3-5 day shipping time is the time that it will take to leave the warehouse, before it makes its way to you. The 3-8 day shipping is the time in transit, that it will take to get to you once it actually leaves the warehouse, making your total shipping estimate 6-13 business days. The only way to get it faster it to choose expedited shipping.


@lichme: I think his problem is that the info also states it will be there before xmas.


"Arrives before xmas." LOL.


My guess is somebody copied/pasted from a previous sale. I still see tags on items that say "Too bad this isn't a clue". This item most definitely will not make it by Christmas


I would really expect this to NOT make it by Christmas. I'm certain the only way to get something by Christmas now is to pay for 2 day shipping, if it's an option.
But here's a screenshot so we all see what they're talking about - and perhaps a woot staffer can get this changed.


I guess the message is gone now because I'm not seeing it.

The "Ships in 3-5 days" is the time to process and push the package out the door.
The shipping time is the time for the shipper to get it to your house.

For me that item says it would arrive Dec 30.