questionswhat's your favorite airline to fly with and why?


Depends where I'm traveling to--but I generally prefer Southwest. No baggage fees, general friendliness, and compared to other airlines I've flown, I've had far fewer negative experiences.

Since moving to Seattle, I've also had luck with Frontier Airlines (aside from a flight that I missed completely due to my own stupidity--but even then, they were super nice).


Another vote for Southwest. No pretense, no first class, NO FEES FOR RESCHEDULING FLIGHTS and two free bags per person. You can pay a little extra for a spot earlier in line, but really, how often is it that important to be the first off the plane? Their website is super easy, NO FEES FOR RESCHEDULING FLIGHTS, and the rewards programs which used to be the best, is still pretty good. The crew members (on average) are more fun and laid back than other airlines. And did I mention NO FEES FOR RESCHEDULING FLIGHTS?


At this point, I really can't stand any of them. I guess I'll go with Southwest, but I really wish they would speed up with merging with Airtran and expand the airports they fly to.

I'm always stuck with the mega airline United, which has gone so far down the toilet it makes me sick to book with them. But they are usually $100-$300 cheaper than the competition. If I had the money, I would certainly spend it just to not fly United.

Sorry I know this was a thread about good airlines, but are there actually any left?


Hard one. Southwest or JetBlue.

As others have said Southwest lets your bags fly free, no rescheduling fees, and a fair system to get a seat.

Jetblue has TVs on their flight one bag free and some decent snacks. They also have good deal on flights and "upgraded seats" with more room for an extra $15. I never pay. I just don't select a seat and they assign me one of the "premium" ones at the counter. Those extra inches are so nice.

Verdict: I can't choose!


Delta. Comfortable even on int'l flights, and the food's pretty good. I even had quiche once, and it wasn't half bad. Also, I once asked for bottles of vodka, baileys, and kahlua to make myself a Caucasian, and they were fine with it. I had to promise not to get sloppy or loud (never mind that one white russian isn't enough to get sloppy or loud), but they were cool about it.


PS. I asked some of my coworkers and there are some hearty answers for Alaskan Airlines for flying out of the Northwest. I haven't personally flown with them in years.


Southwest for all the reasons mentioned above, plus the fact that from my location they are almost always the fastest and lowest price way to get where I'm going.

If Southwest isn't a practical choice for my trip, I opt for Delta if it's available. Definitely pricier, but unlike other major airlines, I've never had a bad experience with them.


JetBlue. Direct flights to where I want to go. Cheap tickets. Frequent sales. Reliable times. Polite staff.

As for Southwest, the savings isn't worth it vs. their terrible maintenance record. Also, they don't operate much on my side of the country.

That said ... I do think the in-flight wifi offered by some airlines these days is nice. Very pleasant to be able to IM with people at home while you're in flight.


I'd like to thank me for flying Me Airlines.


Wow, guess I will have to try Southwest and see for myself :)


Virgin Atlantic, didn't even have to think about that one.


I haven't flown in years, but Southwest has cooler commercials.


As a Denverite, I fly Frontier because most of their flights come out of here.

I'm not thrilled with some of Southwest's policies, and JetBlue has almost no presence here.