questionswhat's the best prize you ever got in a cracker…


My drivers license, at least that is where my wife claims it is from.


Certainly not anything edible.


Honestly, I don't remember ever getting a decent prize in Cracker Jacks. Seems like it was always a tiny piece of plastic "toy", or a little booklet of puzzles or the like. This would have been in the late 70's - I don't recall ever getting a prize since then (I rarely have Cracker Jacks now, and when I do, it's at a party or something where they buy the bulk) I do like the stuff though.


There was an error in the movie "Contact" where the guy gets a compass in a cracker jack box. They don't put those kinds of prices in the boxes.

I believe it was in the late 70's when Cracker Jack started shipping a small fold-and-tear comic or paper device as its prize. That was to reduce choking hazards and a slight reduction in costs.


I used to like the tiny baseball cards they put in the packs at ballparks for a while. Nobody you ever knew of course, but still neat. Now it's just a crappy joke or something.