questionsit's the wootoff's 8th birthday! - what is your…


Honestly, the bacon casket still makes me chuckle, but I've been following them so long they all blur together.

Happy birthday, woot-off!


The one that was during my very first week of work at woot.


My favorite Woot-off moment will be when they return to their old server-crashing ways.


The one where folks claim it was the BEST WOOT-OFF EVER!!

(I'm pretty sure it was all a dream ...)


Snagging a Creative Zen Plus at the end of a woot off.


The ones where I do not have to work all day so I can play!


I really enjoyed the BOC setup that threepiecewoot ran. When you were lucky enough to purchase one you always played the guessing game and hoped that if you got a light box it was because you were getting the letter. After you received your BOC you would go to the forums and report in what you got and keep an eye open for the lucky few that got the letters hoping that those who received them would check in and say they would tell of the results letting everyone enjoy in the spoils that would arrive. Great items or car wax everyone had fun. I miss those days and the outstanding program threepiecewoot ran.


I miss being able to buy cheap Sansas as gifts.


my favorite moment was when I finally got through and was able to purchase a BoC


Last months map fiasco was pretty funny


My favorite was when truly absurd, cheap items showed up in small quantities. Such as the usb pole dancer. It was those sorts of items, even if I wouldn't buy one, that kept me interested in the woot off.


I just wish I could get a BOC. Been here for 5 years and the closest I ever got was the checkout screen. My favorite moment is all the fun screaming monkeys!


The time I got my one and only BOC was great not just because I got one but because I was able to get in three additional times the woot-off. Of course they wouldn't let me buy more than one but I tried!


My first BOC. You always remember your first, you know.


My favorite woot-off was in April 2012; it's the only time I've ever stayed up all night during the wootoff. @thunderthighs made a leakfrog meme-gif; @cowboydann was there; I can't remember who else, but it was epically enjoyable.

Worth noting that I hadn't slept in a week due to pain and had been given narcotics earlier in the day for only the second time in my life... the following week, it was interesting to see what showed up on my doorstep! :)


That April fools day with all the batteries.

Also, that time everybody got all pissed off about the crapbeard game, that was hilarious


I won a BOC during the April Fool's game a couple of years ago, last one I was able to get.


Although it's final form is effectively banned, I actually miss the occasional spamming of the threads with loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong cat.

That and my first and only Sansa. It was one of those super small capacity ones, like a 1GB and had a Lego Guy next to it. I really wish those were still around. My original one still works, but I almost wish that I had bought more than one.