questionsanyone here make their own sushi? got a good…


I have, but haven't for the last few months. Trader Joe's offers Sashimi-Grade Ahi Tuna in my area. Normally they're caught from places like Vietnam. You can find seaweed, wasabi and soy sauce in most supermarkets with Asian Food Aisles. I don't know what to tell you about pickled ginger since I hate the stuff, so I don't buy it.

Keep an eye on the rice, you don't want it to overcook. I've heard it is good to use vinegar, but I personally haven't when I make rice for the rolls. If you are serious, it may be easier to use one of those bamboo roll mats when making rolls. I personally don't have one though.


There are several Asian Supermarkets in the chicagoland area. Specifically "Super H Mart" in Naperville which is technically Korean but you can find most of what you need for sushi, and "Mitsuwa Marketplace" in Arlington Heights which is more of a across the board Asian market with a decent fish section.

hope this helps


Like @imtheotherguy Super H Mart is a good place to look, we have them in Atlanta as well ad it's a nice diversity. I personally would hit my loca;l Farmer's Market (at least the one here), they usually have fresh fish and the market people will cut off the heads, etc. or they have a HUGE selection of fresh "on ice" fish.