questionsare all inclusive hotels worth it?


If you haven't traveled to Mexico in the past, one thing to be aware of is that the local water, and food and beverages prepared with it, can make you sick (Montezuma's Revenge). So one thing to look at is whether the hotel has statements about water safety, it may make it worth the extra to plan on eating there.

My dad picked up an amoeba while vacationing in Mazatlan and was sick for months. I live right on the border with Juarez and we used to frequently shop and dine in Mexico but we knew to be very careful about where and what we ate and drank (no water, no ice, no drinks prepared with water like tea or coffee) unless we were in an establishment with little cards proclaiming the water to be safe. Despite what one might think, those cards could be relied upon, as the tourist industry was important to those businesses. Since Juarez has become the most dangerous city in the world and El Paso is the safest city in the US, we don't go over any more.


When I went to Cancun, we got a great deal on adding all inclusive to a good hotel. I haven't heard great things about "all inclusive resorts" and don't think I would trust the quality or restrictions.

We stayed at the Marriott Casa Magna and paid extra for all inclusive. It was incredibly worth it. They had several excellent restaurants you could eat at anytime, the best breakfast buffet I've ever had, and many, many bars with all the drinks you could want. There were a few restrictions, like at the Hibachi place you had to pay like a $10 surcharge to get the filet mignon, but most everything else was included no questions asked. You also couldn't get the most expensive liquor. They had the Hibachi place, sports bar, a beachside restuarant, and an Argentine steakhouse.

It was one of the best vacations I've been on!


I stayed at The Whitehouse Sandals resort in Jamaica. It's an all inclusive for couples and it was fantastic. There's a no tipping policy in place for the staff, although I did tip the hairstylist who beaded my hair because it took her 2 hours (it's super long!). The drinks were somewhat watered down, but that's to be expected.

One of the best vacations I have ever been on. It really makes a difference not having to reach for your wallet every time you turn around (side eye to cruises).


Depends entirely on the quality of the food at the hotel. Do some research on food in the area and prices and compare!


I think so as long as you're expectations aren't too high for the quality of food or booze that is being fed to the masses.


Has any one ever stayed at the Aqua Live hotel?
My wife's company may be able to get us a deal, it
is an adult all inclusive resort, but a little pricey.


We went to Secret Silver Sands in Riviera Maya for our honeymoon, it's an all-inclusive resort. I'm guessing it has no restrictions because I left my wallet in my luggage and never took it out the entire time we were there. Well, it might have some restrictions, I know we didn't get massages because it was pricey. But, We tell all our friends to go to an all-inclusive resort for a honeymoon or get away. If we could do it all again we would do it exactly the same way.


I went on an all-inclusive trip to Punta Cana and it was great not having to worry about paying for food or beverages. Of course, they had premium restaurants and beverages that cost extra if you wanted them but there was really no need, the included food & drinks were perfectly good and plentiful. Gratuities were also included but we still gave out some tips here and there which were greatly appreciated by the waiters,

We booked through Apple Vacations and I have no complaints but I think Sandals is the leader when it comes to all-inclusive.


If you are going to simply to chill, all-inclusives are ok, just do your research. If you are going to soak up some culture, then all-inclusives are not the best thing, IMHO. You can have some excellent, afforable meals at local eateries & get to know the country and the people. Of course, one has to think about safety as well, so it all depends on your destination.


My wife and I had never been to one before we had a child. Once we had a child we thought it might make life a little easier, boy was that right. Our Son was 1 1/2 when we decided to go to Mexico and stay at an all inclusive. It was kid friendly and that made all the difference. Any time we got hungry there was always decent food. They had 4 restaurants that were included in the deal and all the alcohol you could drink. I would recommend picking one that is fairly close to shops and other touristy stuff. After a few days you might get a little bored and want to explore. Defiantly would do it again. We booked through


In my opinion, all-inclusive deals are worth it in places where you are planning to stay at the resort the entire vacation. The normal prices of food and drink at the resort can be pricey, so opting for the all-inclusive may save you money. On the other hand, if you are going somewhere where you will be exploring or going on a lot of excursions, chances are you will not be at your resort for most of your meals. In which case, you are wasting money by paying for the all-inclusive rates.