questionsam i the only person who doesn't like paypal?


paypal is probably the single most useful thing i've ever used on the internet.


I, too, don't like paypal.

Maybe that's because I was never a big ebay guy though?


Maybe you're doing it wrong?

I've never had a problem with paypal, but I always move cash out to my bank account as soon as it's available and I always pay with a credit card. That way I have protection through paypal and also through my credit card company. I also tend to avoid buying anything from questionable sellers or websites, so there's that too.

edited to add: I see that you had your "debit card" linked to your paypal account. That's a big no-no. Debit cards offer extremely limited fraud protections compared with credit cards. Plus they are directly linked to your bank account and can allow a scammer to drain all your money. Use credit cards online and you have very robust fraud protections from unauthorized charges.


@90mcg112: So if I had my bank account associated with my paypal I should change this?


@caffeine_dude: Having a credit card listed as the main funding source gives you an extra layer of fraud protection. If you have trouble resolving the issue with Paypal then you can always dispute the charge with the credit card company.
If a bank account or debit card is all you have to use then make sure you set withdrawal/payment limits from those funding sources to limit the max that could be taken in a fraudulent transaction.


Looks more like you had a bad customer service experience than anything else. Did they refund the money and how long did it take them once you reported it?
I don't think Paypal are any worse than banks. I've had to argue fraudulent credit card charges with a bank before and I've also had companies try to sell me their identity theft insurance or similar products. That's just business - the reps will be made to upsell at every opportunity.

As for Paypal - I haven't had any problems although this is a reminder for me to check the account more often. Remember the $0 Liability for Eligible Unauthorized Purchases is only good if you report the fraud within 60 days.

You can file an unauthorized payment claim from their web site and not have to deal with annoying service reps. :)


Paypal is awesome. It has saved me from getting ripped off on the internet a few times. People not shipping item or selling garbage and not refunding.


My first Paypal account several years ago got messed up big time, and I thought I'd never use them again, same reason, lousy customer service. I opened a new account a couple of years ago and have been fine with them. They have much better options now in case you get in a jam.

I once authorized a large money transfer to pay a bill, but accidentally made it so it would be wire-transferred to my Paypal account, which takes 3 days, instead of being paid directly from my bank that day, when it was due. I called Paypal immediately and they reversed the authorization on the spot, much to my relief.

One thing a lot of people don't realize is that you can have Paypal connected to a savings account, not just to a checking account.

I have since opened an entirely separate savings account and connected my Paypal account to that, instead of my main checking. I keep just enough money in that extra savings acct to cover my Paypal purchases, and that's it.


Palpay is not user friendly, imo. And for fact, they have made statements, and then retracted the statements after the fact. A friend tried to explain to me how it works, them using different servers that don't always communicate with each other until they update each other, or some such thing. All know is, they have sent me thru the roof a time or two. I'm real close to deleting my account with them!


@caffeine_dude: I believe you're required to have a bank account to have a Paypal account but you definitely should not associate a debit card.

I've been using Paypal for at least 10 years and never had an issue as a payer, but as a merchant there have been 2 times in 4 years that Paypal decided to revoke a payment they thought was fraudulent. Which is a much better record than credit card chargebacks.)


i'm still cautious when using them, but haven't had a bad experience so far. i just limit using it. when i receive payments through paypal, i withdraw the money into my checking account asap

like @prosperouscheat said, the phone reps are forced to suggest additional products. i worked telemarketing and order taking for a few companies. there are scripts they read and we'd have to offer stuff until the customer denied twice, or else we'd get in trouble. i.e. 2 offers for the customer, need to hear 4 denials. 4 x "no". people get mad but it's either offer like you're supposed to or get disciplined and possibly fired. the companies review calls to make sure reps are offering. nowadays i get upsells when i call for routine stuff, like activating a new card. i just "no thank you" them twice right away

BTW, i got a weird email just yesterday saying my paypal account was locked for suspicious activity. i forwarded to and received confirmation from paypal that it was a fake


i've also had to defend myself when a credit card insisted that I was the one who made a fraudulent charge. i wanted to scream "go look at the surveillance tapes. arrest THEM!" or "look at what they bought. i don't buy that stuff!" but they don't care about that.

if a phone rep doesn't understand that you're trying to report charges that you didn't make, ask for the fraud department or mention you want to report fraud. the word fraud should wake them up so they can transfer you to their specialized fraud department who should know the relevant questions to ask


Paypal was actually pretty good at litigating a dispute I had with an ebay seller, who (partially unintentionally) misled buyers (ended up being me) about the contents of an auction for a 360 and TV. I got a partial refund for the loss in value of what was missing / mis-represented in the auction, and while any customer service type interaction is unpleasant, they handled it pretty smoothly IMO.

As has been said here though, do NOT tie your back account to it. I've had problems nearly over-debiting my checking acct when I asked to have my CC charged for a purchase and Paypal "decided for me" that I meant to use my checking, and that was obnoxious. Once I took the bank account away from them fully (which was a little confusing, I'll admit), Paypal is a pretty awesome way to have a single login to pay for transactions on deals sites I wouldn't normally feel extremely comfortable giving my CC info to


I like PayPal except I think they charge too much in fees.


Paypal is great when you are a buyer, but as a seller they charge way to many fees!


@prosperouscheat: Bank of America was so professional to my claim. The moment I called and they picked up I said "I want to report a case of fraud on my account" and I was instantly transferred to someone who took care of the entire thing in about ten minutes. It was simple. Paypal, on the other hand, refused to transfer me to the fraud department even after I had stated many times that I wanted to be transferred. I was filing the claim the same day as the fraud, either, well within the 60 day limit.

Also, BoA never tried to sell me extra protection even though they had the ability to, which is why I'll stay a loyal customer. I get that companies have to force product, but forcing a person who was just victim to fraud to purchase something is too far.


Paypal used to be cool, until it screwed me.


I like Paypal as a service, but I think they do questionably ethical things.

Off-hand, I know they locked the accounts for Minecraft and Wikileaks. It also lets you maintain a balance, and they issue credit cards, but they aren't regulated like a bank.

Basically, I trust Paypal at about the level of anyone else that deals with money without accountability.

I had an account for years, because as I stated, they provide a valuable service online....but I don't think I can support their business model any more. I closed my account about a year ago.


I have actually had the same issue, where the Paypal site messed up when I ordered something, and reloaded like a dozen times in a second. I called the business, and they immediately canceled all the orders. Paypal on the other hand refused to stop trying to take my money for the fake orders, saying they needed to take it all before they could cancel their side of things.

I actually had to go so far as to put a block on Paypal with my bank, in which Paypal still, even to this day years later, refused to even acknowledge that the event happened, or that my bank didn't steal all my money (like they don't have plenty). $800 or so lost, that Paypal kept forever because their customer service kept telling me they needed ALL the money for orders that didn't exist. After months of fighting, they canceled my account and yeah.. I hate Paypal.


I'm through with Paypal, I will never use them again. They have cost me far to much in Bank charges, and delayed purchases/packages of mine for the last timez...


I think it's BS that they are now making your funds "unavailable" for up to 21 days!