questionsdo you have problems with the office fridge?


The Woot office fridge always keeps a Ted sandwich for such occassions.


No problems except for one crazy bizarre incident:

I always put soda in the fridge when I bring it, dont really bother putting sandwiches in there though. One time my Diet Mountain Dew turned into a Regular Mountain Dew. Who does that? I didn't care, I just didn't get it...


I think I may have posted this story before, but I worked where a lot of folks brought sandwiches in plastic or paper or containers. About three times or so per week, someone's lunch would go missing. One of the engineers decided to make a great tasting sandwich (because he had a record of having the best lunches, I guess) but laced it with a powerful laxative. Sure enough, it was missing at noon. There was also a frantic employee running back and forth to the men's room and who finally went home for two days, as I recall. No one lost a lunch from then on. Our office by the way had about 125 employees.


Never had, but I always used a mini cooler/lunch box with one of those freeze packs you get whenever you get medications delivered. My stuff stays cold and if I go anywhere, I can bring it with me without worrying about it getting warmer.

@klozitshopper: where my dad works, this guy used to keep a 2 liter of soda in the fridge for himself and a guy would always steal a lot of it, so the guy wound up peeing in the bottle. Sure enough, when his shift was over, he went and checked the bottle, and it had been drank from.


There was one office I worked in that was a family office, (the purpose of this office was to help manage both the investments and personal aspects of one family). Since we were not located near any easy access food places, most people would bring food to work. The office had no more than 13 people, at peak, but had a full size refrigerator, which allowed for us to bring multiple days of lunch stuff at one time. Periodically, we would see the owner's son (in his mid 20's at the time), walk out of the kitchen, eating someone's yogurt, string cheese or anything else he found interesting. After a few instances of this, we tried to make sure that most of our stuff was not out in the open in the fridge.


@girlwootbot: Wow, that's probably the only Dilbert strip I've ever enjoyed.