questionsdoes anyone have a google nexus tablet yet?


I wish that Google had named the tablet and phone with separate names. You'd think a company that got its start in search would want to differentiate those products. I have no interest in their phone (and apparently others felt the same way).


My boss loves his but he loves all his new stuff.


I bought one for my wife when it came out. She had been stealing my rooted Kindle Fire and I thought a Nexus 7 would be right up her alley. She loves it!


I pre-ordered mine, meaning that I've had mine for a while now. I've been loving it, it handles everything I've thrown at it, loads everything quickly, nice graphics, etc.. I too would like 3G built into it but I've got Wi-FI tethering through my phone so it is not a real issue for me (plus that means I do not have to worry about a second cellular plan or anything). For me, it fits perfectly into my hand so I can hold it easily with one hand.


Played around with my bro in law's and it's pretty nice. It's lighter than my Ideapad but it only has one camera which really doesn't matter much. It's got ICS which is nice.


I've looked at it, but as I age smaller isn't always better. My eyes are strained enough on a 10" iPad. Yes, I realize that you can make the screen larger, but I'm lazy. :)


I tried to pre-order one, but due to a snafu or two, and Google's poor customer service, I ended up killing the order and intend on re-purposing the funds elsewhere...

I have an iPad 2 without 3g and find it to be sufficient for my needs; I can usually find wifi. Mostly it just sits next to my bed, though, for when I'm too lazy to walk to the computer. I prefer Android to iOS because of the greater variety of customization and lesser restrictions... so, if you can find a niche for a tablet in your life, it's probably not a bad toy.


I pre-ordered the 16GB one. I have had it since July. Due to the lack of expandable storage, I did not want to try the 8GB. That is my biggest complaint. I actually deal in tablets for a living (mostly Android...very few iPads) so I have many with which to compare it. I find myself picking up my 10" tablet much more than this one. It is as responsive as anything out there, but when it comes to actually trying to do work, the bigger ones are more convenient. I keep it at my bedside and use it for late night playing around. The actual device is OUTSTANDING. Project Butter (which let to 4.1.1 Jelly Bean) was on the mark. The smoothness of every action is top notch. I recommend it highly, unless actual work will be involved.