questionswhat's the "funnest" way you've decorated your…


Pics of your awesome tree would be great!


Very cool. We used to have inter-departmental tree decorating contests before management sucked all the joy out of working for the City. I did the tree designs for our department. The one that got the most buzz was a tree which we decorated in white with white angels, and I made a pair of tree sized angel wings with feathers and a giant halo and affixed them to the tree to make it a huge angel. That would be pretty easy to do nowadays as you can buy feathered angel wings at costume stores. My favorite was a Noah's Ark themed tree. We used blue and white garlands wound about the tree as the waves, and bundled small blue and silver bulbs in groups of three and four as raindrops. Then we added a trail of a couple of hundred paired Beanie baby animals winding their way up toward the lovely quilted Ark we used as a tree topper. Under the tree we put assorted stuffed animals in pairs.


normally keep a pretty traditional tree, but the funnest METHOD used to decorate it (much to my wife's chagrin) has been to sit on the couch, bend paper clips into grappling hooks, and lob them at the tree, 7 feet away.

We don't use glass ornaments anymore.


@moondrake: Re: Noah's Ark tree: :::awestruck gasp::: words fail me.


I bought little bottles of wine, drank them, and tied ribbon around the tops, then hung them on the tree. Anything I had pertaining to wine I put on the tree and the topper was a big, white, iridescent bow. When the tree was lit up at night, the white lights made the bottles sparkle! I thought it was beautiful... maybe it was the wine that I drank that made me think that!!