questionsdid you hear what that guy "psy" said in 2004?


Regardless of my opinion on what he said a number of years ago, how is that worse than some of what our politicians have said recently or what passes for musical lyrics in some genres? Freedom of speech doesn't only cover what you agree with; if you don't like it, don't spend your money on it. IMHO, of course.


@okham: Regardless of what some politicians have said, or lyrics in some genres... you didn't actually answer the question. The question wasn't about what others said, or even about freedom of speech. It was about what do you think about wht Psy said.

But, thanks for not answering! :-) I actually asked the question because I'm interested in what people think about what he said. Not their answer to a question I didn't ask.


I'm not a fan of "Psy", but I have said things in the past that I wish I could undo. Heck, just last week as a matter of fact....

If he said it yesterday, I would have a problem. Eight years have gone by, people and their opinions change. Hopefully his has...


@tarasadies: I'm sure his has, since he's popular here now. In 2004, I think there was some pretty decent anti-American sentiment in Korea. Actually, I think it was pretty popular to be anti-American about everywhere. But, he did wish death on a lot of people. Wasn't just a "screw you America!" kind of thing.

All I've seen from him (published, at least) is the weak apology. I'd almost have more respect if he owned up to what he said. But, what he said is pretty sick, if you ask me.


Funny that this comes out right before he is to perform in DC. His apology didn't seem appropriate for the level of hate that is evident in his lyrics. He stated he was sorry for how they could be interpreted but there's not much room for interpretation when you are inciting others to kill a group of people. He said he regretted the "inflammatory and inappropriate language" he used to express his opinion (which was that American soldiers should die), but nowhere in his statement did he state that he regretted having that opinion, only that he wished he had expressed his opinion differently (again, his opinion being that he believes American servicemen and their families and leaders should be killed slowly and painfully).

So, no, apology not accepted.


@kmeltzer: I think that is his opinion, and he's entitled to it. If he actually believes that, then he shouldn't have apologized for saying it. But I don't agree with targeting non-combatants.

How's that? :)


@belowi: Agreed! And he's to perform during a Chistmas concert? I'd have to ask what were they thinking in inviting him?


Whats the difference in him saying kill military and rappers talking about popping a cap in a cop? Either way not the point yeah his apology seems oddly timed and all I agree. Though as for it being enough or not I think it's fine. I mean honestly what more can he do other than say sorry. Go preform for the military families or for the troops over seas Christmas shows?

But also not on the point why in the world is he doing a Christmas special for the president o.O is he really that popular because of ONE song? lol. I admit its a decent song but presidential treatment? Much rather see Super Junior if were doing Korean Christmas show! lol


I think that using influence as a popular artist to spread hate is disgusting.
As for his opinion - well, the rest of the world heard and saw that entire situation differently than we did. Men were tortured for sport. Children were run down. By us. That was horrible. People were right to be outraged and he was expressing that sentiment. I don't fault him for the anger.
There is no apology that would be "acceptable" for those lyrics. I cannot think of anything he could say that would sooth that hurt.
I do hope he has changed his mind.


@thumperchick: I agree w/much of what you said. It should never be forgotten that the U.S. started that deplorable war. Our brave troops died; thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens died.

From what I read, I believe Psy is sincere & accept his apology. Whether it's of import or not, he was pretty much an unknown in the U.S. in 2004. Like so many things, I believe this was brought up in 2012 for political reasons. And that is sad. Misplaced anger. The person responsible for the war should apologize. But won't.

(My apologies in advance for ranting.)


Everyone knows every song lyric is supposed to be taken as literal. There are no lies, metaphors, exaggerations, hyperbole or symbolism in music, especially in rap music.

Unless he actually killed an American soldier or killed someone on the New York Yankee roster, it doesn't matter.

I will say, people who consider themselves artists wouldn't apologize for their art. The only time artists apologize for things is because it might hurt their image/wallet. I don't care either way.


@Thumperchick. Not sure what you are talking about I know alot of people Marines, Air Force, Navy and Army who have been to Iraq multiple times and the stories they tell are nothing like what you speak of. Also you do know that Saddam killed his own people with chemical and biological weapons. You want to know why no WMD's have been found, they are in Syria. There was video of the mass exodus of military equipment across the border as well as documents from within Saddams own military of the use of large aircraft to make over 50 trips to Syria to move the weapons before UN inspectors arrived. Do not believe what the media says.

As for PSY, I may not agree with what he said, but in this country he has a right to say what he wants. I will agree with what alot of others have said, that people of influence even from the US have said far more detrimental things about the US military and the soldiers.


It sounds as though he was reacting emotionally to a bad situation, and I think his apology sounds sincere. He isn't the first (by far) and won't be the last to say/do something controversial and later regret it.

For those of you too young to remember, look up "Hanoi Jane"... I know MANY people of my generation who would still love the chance to spit on her for her words and actions.


@jimeezlady: Ugh. Fonda and her "oh so sincere" non-apology decades after the fact. Once a slimeball, always a slimeball. Like a lot of military retirees, I'll forgive her when I can spit on her grave.

As for Psy: I heard a lot worse, in person, coming out of the mouths of Americans as I walked through airports in an Army uniform in the 70s. At least Psy has apologized - and in his own words, not through a publicity agent with a canned spiel. I would attend a concert where he was performing.


@blazinlow89: I said nothing about any of that. This question wasn't about why we went into Iraq at all. I answered the question pertaining to Psy. Our soldiers did torture prisoners for sport, a few deplorable people made it into our military. Our soldiers did run over 2 Korean girls. So, that is what I was referring to. Those are the incidents that caused a lot of anger in his part of the world.

There is really no need to get into the could/should have did/not of the Iraq war here.


The voting for this question amuses me. It's an actual question based on a current event, yet (right now) has a negative vote count. But, people vote up "Did you hear INSERT DEAD PERSON HERE is dead?" questions.

I see the point of some of you who seem fine with his apology. I'm not OK with it. I think what he said was deplorable, and I don't think he's sorry for what he said, just that people now know he said it. I don't care that I've heard "much worse", since I don't base how deplorable something someone says on a bell curve of what others have said.

I'm also not totally sure I care what a Koren pop star thinks about when it pertains to our military actions. He should be praising us for keeping his family from living in the stone ages by being the deterrent for the PRNK from running over them (which I believe they could, without us there). But, he wished death on people, and that was inexcusable, to me.


I agree that we are emotionally responding to an emotionally charged statement. I think his lyrics are harsh. However, I care very little for his lyrics. The situation was bad, and the world responded with equal vulgarity. I don't think that makes it right to respond again with anger and hate and vulgarity (not that anyone here is doing that).

FWIW, I also read, however have not bothered to confirm, that they weren't his lyrics but rather he was a guest performer in a concert with a group who wrote the lyrics. He is responsible for what he said and apologized. It's not really news, if you ask me. But that's how I feel about it.

Also, @kmeltzer, I think the community is perceiving your opinion about the subject by your wording and disagreeing - "that guy "Psy" and by quoting "apology" seem to give away your stance. If you wanted an unbiased discussion, it doesn't seem you worded your question like you did. People disagree with your opinion and are voting accordingly.