dealskitchenaid 5 quart professional 5 plus bowl lift…


Should also be eligible for additional $30 Mail-in rebate from Kitchenaid$30_CashBack.pdf


Awesome deal, I am in for one.


aawwwwwwwww, I just realized I no longer have access to my old room mate's mixer like this, that means tomorrows cheesecake is gonna be a work out :(


Looks as though the 30 dollar rebate is not for this model.
Would have been a spank in deal otherwise.


@genhacker: This is a KV25 model, which is listed as eligible on the rebate form, although the pictured model is different (a tilt head). Other retailers link to the rebate form with this KV25G0X model too.


@loevera: While there's no harm in trying to get the rebate, it does specifically say on the form that "purchases must be made at an authorized KitchenAid retailer." I've read that you can call KitchenAid Customer Service at 888-474-2457 to find out if a particular retailer is authorized or not, so you might want to try that first to avoid being disappointed later.


GREAT deal! you won't find a better price! This is NEW and NOT refurbished, like the similar priced ones on ebay.

This was posted here a few weeks ago, and I got one. Apparently, I had already signed up for, so the $25 discount didn't show. I used an alternate email, and "referred a friend," and got $25 off the mixer, and another $25 to use another time. My rebate is already being processed as well.

I always wanted a Kitchenaid mixer, and am SO happy with it. I went a little crazy, and bought the pasta roller attachments, and ice cream maker set on ebay, and the grinder and slicer attachments on Amazon.

I've made bread twice, pasta, pork dumplings, four different kinds of sausage, and tamales, in the last two weeks!

Look out Emeril! BAM!


@cleverett: I bought this a while ago from here, and sent the rebate in. I got a confirmation email from Kitchenaid that my check is on the way!


I'm not sure if it will work, but the code MY30 is supposed to give 30% off the first order w/ Guilt. You have to enter payment info to apply promo codes, which I'm unwilling to do, but if you're buying, try it!


How is the $25 promo supposed to work? I created a new account and it is not taking it off the total. Also MY30 and all other promo codes I've tried do not work.


Red only hmmmm I might have to pass just because of the color :P


@pb300: The discount should show up at checkout. If not, give Gilt customer service a call - they are AWESOME. Once I had a free shipping offer not show up, they were able to credit my account for the promo to make sure I got the discount. I'd imagine they would do the same here.


@pb300: Never mind. Went to overstock and bought a refurbed professional 600 for the same price.