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Not a very good deal. 569's are showing up at $44.99. I been buying Levis at Macy's for $39.99 on sale and they take %15 off when using my credit card there. They will also take more off with some coupons..


@planetb: You have to apply the code in the cart. My jeans were $44, then on checkout became $26.50!


No returns on these sale items.


@johnrusswoot: That is a big concern considering what has happened with QC at Levi's over the past several years. If I can't return a pair of pants that wasn't cut correctly then I think I'll buy from someone else instead.


I've ordered two pairs of Levis for $56.76, delivered (includes sales tax & free 2 day shipping if PayPal checkout, free ground shipping otherwise). $28.38 per pair, delivered in 2 days.


In "Terms and Conditions":
"customer is responsible for shipping costs of returned merchandise".

If you don't like it/them, return them. Pay for shipping.


@wafflehound: It would be nice if Levi's would just make the jeans that they sell, instead of selling you whatever they decide to make that day at that factory. Then it wouldn't be a gamble regarding the return policy. I find it really frustrating that two identical pairs, of the same cut, length, and waist, fit completely different if they come from two different factories where factory A makes them with color 1 and factory B with color 2.

When one pair is snug and the other falls straight off me if I try to wear it without a belt, I consider that a total failure in QC.

They did not have this problem when they still made their pants in this country. Now they make them all over the world and their sizes are all over the board.


Levis 3 digit numbered system has been a mystery to me. Here's some helpful info


I had a great experience with Levi's customer service. I had 3 different pairs with the zipper separated over a few years. I emailed them and they sent me a pre-paid label to send them back, and sent me three new pairs of jeans within 10 days, even though one pair was probably 11 years old! These are the only pants I'll wear!


Wouldn't work.... finally said expired, bummed


I ordered near 9am on Monday (11/11/13 - a national holiday, this delayed shipping by one day). I rec'd my order at 12:59pm on Thursday (faster shipping because I paid via PayPal). Both pairs ordered (identical size/style/color) are the size/style/color I ordered, both fit the same, both fit well.

There is a paid UPS return label attached to my invoice. I would have my refund reduced by $7.50 for the shipping cost if I chose to return my order. One of the selectable reasons for return is "Changed mind". These on-sale/discounted items can be returned at will.