dealsfall hotel sale: save up to 40% off


no love for the hotels?

I say we should all just use tents and sleeping bags! :)


Is this some odd WOOT tradition, down-voting the deal on the bottom of the list?

Also: "Mom?!?"


Everyone in the know knows to get the lowest rate to call the Hotel 4 lowest rate!!!


Hmm I must have not known any better lol-this site does give you a list of hotels and a baseline price to work from who knows if you get a jaded hotel employee rate or not??

I dont understand the downvotes it is just woot tradition or do you all hate to travel??


My experience with travel deals is that the deal is never for any travelling I actually want to do. My guess is that others have had similar experiences, which explains the downvotes.


This is no deal at all. I just price checked my trip and it's exactly the same as every other travel agency is offering. .. who screens this stuff?