dealssound activated equalizer t-shirt - 50% off…


Nice. They are finally a decent price now, and free shipping is always a plus.


I have both the equalizer one pictured in this post and the apple one. I like the apple one more because it can be mazes out. The regular equalizer won't have all bars reach the top point. When I'm at school or at robotics events I constantly have people screaming or making a ton of noise to attempt to max out the shirt.


It should be pointed out:
I ordered one of the mystery boxes with the "value upgrade" earlier this month from GearsXS and a few green IDE round-cable--among other items--with a delivery address different from the billing address. Two weeks later, the item arrives at the billing address (a house I sold two weeks ago), not the delivery address. The cables are black, not the neon green ones I bought. The "mystery box" is nowhere in sight. On the phone the customer service rep claims there was a GPS device included and clearly because the package weighed two lbs it must have been inside when it arrived. Every time I mentioned the color mismatch and that the black cables cost less than the greens I'm ignored and she would change the subject. The package was torn and held together solely by the tape and labels wrapped around it, clearly added after the damage was done, before the FedEx label was printed and attached.
All in all, I'd avoid this company like the plague if I were you.


@smitelight: I am sorry for any inconveniance. Please contact me @ with your order number and i will be sure to get to the bottom of it.

Thank you,

Michael I.
Customer Service Specialist


It does appear that it has been handled well, now. We'll see at arrival, but Michael was very helpful via email.