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What is this Woot-off you speak of?


If you dont know, you better ask somebody!


I use this app and really like it. Everyday when I wake up the new woots are displayed as a notification. Also works great on woot offs!


I'm going to go woot off later today.


Know what would be cool?

Internet connected USB lights that turned on automatically when a woot off started.


@voxclone: They could probably make an app for that too, but it would only work on iPads.


Just an FYI, this won't get you a BoC. Most phones will automatically time out after not getting a page for a while (I've tried twice). So use this simply for notifications on the go. Getting normal items during a Woot-Off works well though!


@voxclone: That would be cool. I already have my woot lights so it would be cool if I walked into the room to see them all lit up.


If I remember right, this particular app likes to notify you of woots every time you reboot. Which got to be pretty damn annoying when it's within the same 24 hour period.


Already have a pair of USB Woot lights set to turn on at midnight on my Linux box. Just a cronjob so for one minute very day at midnight. Still looking at a way to do it for woot-off changes.

Also, I have this app. Irritating that it STILL doesn't let you get rid of woot tabs you don't care about in the swipe-list (like Wine or Kids), or give you a quickie overview multi-pane for all of the day's woots (like on the main Woot page).


I have a written code for my Commodore VIC 20, that makes the screaming monkey turns on the LED USB lamps during WOOTOFFs. It's pretty neat, but now the monkey only screams sometimes.


Good app. I have been using it for a while. I checked out other woot android apps and decided on this one.