dealsfirst pair of glasses free


You still have to pay shipping & tax, but still a great deal! Paid $14 out of pocket for $108 frames & $10 lenses! No need for a doctor's prescription or anything either. As long as you know your SPH and CYL, you're good to order! Great deal!


There also appears to be a coupon for free shipping "FREESHIP" displayed on the top of the page today. I am not sure, however, if you can combine coupons.

I have personally ordered glasses from Coastal and LOVE them. The only "complaint" I have (which is my own fault) is that my prescription is fairly strong (-4.25 and -4.75) so I wish in retrospect that I paid a little extra for the fancy thin lenses, since there is some warping near the edges of the lenses, but the lenses I ordered were a fairly large "geek" style.

If I wanted to, I have 366 days to return them, but I will be keeping mine, since my "complaint" is not enough to make me want a different pair.

The frames were supposed to be $97, but since they were my first pair I got them free. My total cost was about $16 after adding some frills.


Another happy customer. I usually get mine from Zenni Optical, but I figured I'd try Coastal with a prior free offer. They were great, and shipped super quickly (despite me choosing the cheapest/slowest shipping) and got to me within a week. Zenni shipping arrives in 2-3 weeks from order, so I was really happy to get my new prescription glasses quickly


hmm.. they charge you about another 7 bucks for Handling & Insurance. I thought this practice was phased out.