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I bought one of these for the house before with an intermediate signal amplifier for the chime that would simultaneously activate in my backyard pool house. They work very well...great price.


Amazon has it for $11.89 with Free Super Saver Shipping/Prime. See:

This deal is $5.49 + $3.99 shipping = $9.48 -- a savings of $2.41 over Amazon.

Reviews on Amazon are generally positive... although several comments about it being loud, even on "low" settings, and about the general build quality being poor (about what you'd expect for $10 I guess).


I wonder how easily this can be modified to use a "doggie doorbell" so my dog can let me know when he needs to go out. Right now we have a bell on the door and it just isn't loud enough to hear at the other end of the house. Any ideas?